Lighten up!


That looks like what my depression era grandmother from rural Iowa would have served if she knew what a nacho was.


Ding ding ding. We have a winner.

Shopping just ain’t what it used to be.




How time flies! -

We keep Nabisco Premium Saltines handy (in a metal Goya Premium Soda Crackers Crock safely ensconced in this or that home’s pantry) even when there aren’t children around that house who love them as much as our own families did in our youth, and I indulge them regularly (almost as frequently as I do Lance ‘shacks’ - i.e., six-packs of Malt, Toasty, Toast Chee, various iterations of Captain’s Wafers, etc.); I rarely eat even the most-scrumptious salad without accompanying it with Nabisco Saltines spread with real butter - but I’m with Rush: Nabisco Premium Soup and Oyster Crackers are ‘da bomb.’




Come on guys and gals. This thread is called lighten up and you are talking about crackers with cheese and spreading high calorie butter. Some of us are on a diet and you are making us hungry!


If it were THAT kind of lighten up thread you wouldn’t be seeing me here.


Point well-taken.

My meager contributions to this ever-entertaining thread (let us give thanks to the FMT for not removing it!) have certainly been more of the kibitzing variety rather than totally in the spirit in which it was created - but in my defense, I will say that I am ALWAYS ‘hungry’…




Troll OPs

Buyers :woman_facepalming:






I did write .or so ago!!!

Suppose time does move more quickly as we age! :scream: :laughing:

So as not to make this post completely OT:




And a stampede.


And a stampede of bison in midtown Manhattan.




You enjoy the wine.:yum:
I will stick with vodka…:wink: