Lighten up!


I thought those were the Idaho spuds?


Me receiving my payment from Amazon after 2 weeks







When opening up a Amazon Seller Support Case


What have other book sellers done when the buyer says she hasn’t rec’d. book but Post Office confirms by GBS it was delivered?



I adopted an elephant like 3 months ago and I still haven’t gotten it. You have my $8 WWF, where’s my elephant


@RedWing, I think they adopted your elephant twice. Did you check to see if it was a timeshare thing?


…and pray Amazon believes you.


Now we know why Amazon posted: FBA Changes as we prepare for a successful peak (US):rofl:


R2-D2 using a U2? :robot:

Hooray! Free shipping supplies!

Have to admit, no damage during transit… :clipboard:

Sure, there’s enough room! Come on in!

Maybe it’ll be better as a duplex?


Could you please provide the ASIN for that R2-D2? My grandchildren would love this U2 box to make a pirate ship.

Their current ship, made from a Pantry delivery box, has floundered on rocky shoals.


B00CB8BPVM and B0759V6FZC - you’re going to have to order both, so the bot picks the right box!

Also, make sure it ships from the Amazon Fulfillment Center BOS7, FALL RIVER, MA 02720.

I could send the box to you, but I’ll have to discuss it with the feline members of the family first! :grin:


Those are genuine Lysol wipes I see in the last picture. Where did you get them? The wife has me on a mission to find some.





Pharmapacks, in the first week of March, before everything disappeared. Only thing we can get locally is Clorax wipes at CVS. Prefer the Lysol and down to the last couple of sheets.


Have been trying to make them last–haven’t seen any for sale since I got the last 1 on the shelf in early April sometime.
When they do run out, will be making my own version I guess. Have 1 bottle of grain alcohol left (after making a disinfectant spray)–there were only 2 of those left.
Learn how to make moonshine next? :thinking:


Windex (Johnson & Johnson) now has a Multi-Surface Disinfectant, that we’ve been using. Food prep areas need to be rinsed with water afterwards, but this has become a good alternative,

Rarely use the wipes. Keep a tub in the car for when we go shopping, for wiping down carts and checkouts.

One distillery in the area bottled alcohol in whiskey bottles (80%), selling in local stores for $8. What’s funny is the solution smells like the inside of an old gin-mill and since we don’t drink, it’s a little weird to have that smell lingering after use. The bottle is great! :smile:





The sad truth?