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Obviously you’ve been to some of those special places in K-Town…


Club Ruin, Malediction, Bar Sinister, Threshhold.


The Schadenfreudist - Annoyer of Mods, Bane of TM Bullies, Destroyer of IPVs

BAR Sinister is interesting … sometimes have cruised by passed on my way back from either the Bowl or the Tuesday concerts at Hollywood & Highland…

Really interesting assortment, folks donning or un- donning – their accoutrements in the parking lot… chaining up, a lot of interesting leatherwork worn…

Probably actually more interesting watching the parking lot , and people unaware the may be entering the club itself…



How about retread




Retread might work!!!

I Googled Beltway retreads , I know Michelin is opening up five factories, but whether or not they’re close enough to be geographically feasible. … That close to the center of action - I’m not sure, however I’m sure in some of the small towns in Middle America they might have such services available…

The Auto industry is open & thriving perhaps some of them could just get re-sprayed for a touch-up… Earl Scheib…How about retread ?

With the lack of personal care attendants available, I keep on expecting folks that have those personal peccadilloes like “worshiping feet” , to use their handyman & painting skills, dremel tools too be doing- silk wraps- in fills & Colours… might be more personal satisfaction, involvement - versus just worshipping a finished product…

Just another hobbyist thought…




:sweat_smile::laughing::rofl::joy::joy: This is one of my favorites. Hahaha…

Wish everyone healthy!


:rofl: I read about that toilet paper and diamond ring story in the news. The police said only essential items stores can open.

Seller: We sell toilet paper, the diamond ring is the gift…

This is not a joke as far as I understand it.



The seldom-seen warm fuzzy side of Amazon Seller Support



My two-youngest sons are not pleased that you have publicly exposed them.

On the other hand, I myself am pleased - now that your public exposure has lit them up to da hills, with the Revenooers hot on their trail, I’m no longer worried that I took their picture…




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