Lighten up!


I’m rural and get it–good one!


Here’s the picture that goes with that middle one there!


who is flagging these memes? PATHETIC!


Yea, I get while it got blocked, but…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


BREAKING NEWS!!! This just in!

John Travolta was hospitalized for suspected COVID-19. His symptons: he reportedly had chills, they were multiplying. It was also reported that he was losing control.

Following an extensive battery of tests, doctors have now confirmed that it was only Saturday Night Fever. They assure all of his fans that he is Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive…


Since people want to flag memes I’m only going to get worse


I shouldn’t have read this while eating lunch. Now I have to get some wipes to clean up my screen.


You have a good sense of direction!

That’s definitely a step toward “worse”… :rofl:




This is what happens when you let old people shop first:


She just surpassed Oprah as the richest woman in the world.


So coronavirus posts are flagged off topic and deleted but a thread full of memes is not off topic?

Just Amazon things


Neither of your “return” topics are deleted at this time. Mods asked that coronavirus discussion stick in one thread. This topic has been here for months.

Why bring sour grapes to a thread where folks are receiving moral/social support in the Seller community? Why rain on someone’s parade? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And yes, @To_Your_Health, I’ll certainly delete if asked…but jeepers.


I didn’t and had to have someone explain it to me. All I was referring to was women complaining because salons are closed in many areas and it was the first “before & after” image that showed up.

Ciao! See you all after the apocalypse is over.


It’s a serious issue especially if your wife/girlfriend/significant other has silks and they can’t get them fixed. I didn’t even know what silks were until this pandemic. Silk nails? Really? OMG!


Two true things:


This is the only thread that makes us laugh. Is that such a bad thing? If it is for you, don’t read it.



Newly Ranked #1 Item in Household: