Lighten up!


And this one is dedicated to all those who really think they can make Amazon believe ___ ___ ___ (fill in the blanks… example: that’s a maple leaf, not a marijuana leaf)



My assumption that the person getting the flu shots and “speaking” in the caption is a horny old geezer.


I guess Bob doesnt like big butts!



One of the few times my mind isn’t in the gutter and what happens? Public humility and get dragged back down!

And I shan’t comment on her various assets.


PS: Thanks for reminding this grumpy old man that there is much more to life than Amazon & Dentists. Love this thread and that the Mod’s have left it alone.



I would add ““stay a-z free my friends!”



I blame it on the Kardashians for publicizing & flaunting their posteriors…

Giving aficionados a viewing, hopefully social acceptance… of ones Personal Taste…

Why do they say Different Strokes for different folks…


If there’s one thing I have learned from these discussion boards, it’s that you cannot assume a gender based on one’s posting name or avatar.

While I am, in actuality, a female, I know of others here who portray themselves as such, but are not.

I’ve often wondered if there are some general “tips and tricks” offered about this somewhere. Maybe presenting oneself as female gains one “advantages” of sorts…?

I dunno.


What to do with your stockpile of hand sanitizers and toilet paper that Amazon will no longer allow you to sell:


The balcony would be great.


So law enforcement in New York see an expansive clothing store open. They ask the proprietor: Don’t you know that only essential businesses are allowed to be open? The owner replies: I don’t sell suits. I sell food. Look at the sign on the door outside.

Loaf of bread…$699.
We will throw in a free custom tailored suit with your purchase.




The elephant carrying a cub: Is that real or a joke (photoshoped)?


It was an April Fool’s tweet posted by Kruger National Park’s Kruger Sightings in 2018 (even some media providers fell for it hook, line, and sinker after it began to go ‘viral’).

Photoshop can do some miraculous things…






Please forgive me - could not resist - forgot exact caption, but it’s a face mask…


Runs and hides under a rock, until the next time. :snail:


That is hilarious because it is soooooo true! Lol.

I bet if they were to tell everyone to be outdoors and enjoy the scenery, they would revert right back to the first pic.