Lighten up!


Missed that one!













Oops, there was a spelling error.








I’ve always liked the “Walk with light” instructions at cross walks. Very Zen.


Problem is you did not go in for bread and eggs. You have that at home. You originally went for milk and coffee…
Those little hand held temperature monitors are really playing games with your brain…
Tomorrow bring your own and scan the store’s clerk with it… That with cause the cashier to refund double your purchase price…


Any other Red Sox fans out there?




Fishing Boat for Rent: Experienced crew included.


Yes - they’re my second-favorite MLB team (after the other franchise which originated in the Bay State, whose very first game - after they moved to my neck o’ woods from The Beer Capital Of World - I was favored by my elders in being able to attend in person, the Braves).

STILL pretty fond of Neil Diamond tunes - perhaps primarily due to my elders favoring them in that same decade, and because I remember how my siblings, cousins, and our bosom companions who were children of our extended family members had such a good time entertaining our elders by belting `em out at the top of our lungs…

Harmony seems to have become, increasingly, a badly-underrated attribute in subsequent decades; this is one of the primary reasons why I love this thread, which offers exposure of us all to the Best Medicine there is (and most-harmonious attribute of humankind, in many a respect, AFAIC):



Die-hard Mets fan. Always was and always will be. Always good for a giggle as well.