Light "Therapy" Device restriction


We are selling Light Boxes and have had our devices classified as Medical Devices due to the nomenclature describing them. No prescription is required to sell these products. How do we reestablish these listings with a corrected description so as to correctly describe their use and application?


What is their use and application?
How are you describing this currently?

“Light boxes” can be for art and photography.
“Light boxes” can be therapeutic for psoriasis or jaundice.

We need more info here.


It has been restricted as per the following notice;

"This product has been identified as a light therapy device marketed to treat, prevent, cure, or reduce seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or depression. Light therapy devices that make claims to treat, prevent, cure, or reduce SAD or depression are unapproved medical devices. Amazon policy prohibits the listing or sale of unapproved medical devices on To be considered for reinstatement, please remove all unapproved medical claims from the product detail page. "

Amazon has removed all pictures and verbage from Seller Central and provides no way of updating the information.


Thank you for providing that info.

@ANODYNE, what is your intended use for your product?

Do you have a copy of your title, bullets, and product description?

Did you market your product as a medical device? :thinking:


May I ask if you have tried uploading a feed to make the required modifications?

ETA - looks like the ever-astute Papy is on the same track…


Is it possibly this ASIN?


Studies prove that bright light therapy is shown to decrease melatonin and increase serotonin levels making you feel more alert, energized and happy

Studies also prove that bright light therapy risks making mood worse, inducing manic episodes and mixed states of aggression. Of course they wouldn’t put that in the product description. (-:


It is possible it is that ASIN. Perhaps when the item was initially loaded up Amazon recognized it and assigned a descriptor and photo, etcettera. Although we are a medical equipment distributor and do offer these to select clients while billing their insurance, we are offering the device as a light on line.

Additionally, Anodyne should be registered as a medical provider on Amazon as we took steps to be so classified.



@ANODYNE, Amazon itself is selling on that listing, so I suspect that it is restricted to only Amazon. I also suspect that the Amazon Retail Team created the PDP, which means that they have page control.

Given all of this, you won’t be able to make the changes necessary to sell this on Amazon as anything other than a medical device. It would further violate Amazon policies to create a different ASIN for this same product.

As this is a Forum of your fellow 3P Sellers, we can’t help you with this. :grimacing: Best of luck to you as you navigate through Amazon for this–I imagine it takes some time :sweat_smile:


Thanks for your help.