Late shipments


Got a performance note this morning that we are over 4% late shipments but in our account health it shows a different story. 1 late in 10 days out of 677 and 1 late in 30 days out of 2,143…Was this notice sent in error? Everything else shows accurate and spot on to what it should be so it is unusual to get this kind of notification this morning.


I’m guessing this was an error. The only thing I could think of is that the current range for the metrics displayed is Nov 21, 2019 - Nov 30, 2019. Perhaps the notice is for recent orders? Doubtful, but who knows.

If you have a way of tracking orders outside of Amazon, give it a look over and make sure everything went out on time.

I’d also send an email to Seller Performance explaining that you have the notice but your metrics are good.


We opened a case this morning, the big boss made sure I was on it right away and looking into anything and everything. We cant find anything showing it is off :man_shrugging: The interesting thing being we did take Thurs and Fri off for the first time but from the limited information I was given, Thursday being a national holiday with no pick ups, it doesnt count against the metrics, had it counted, our late numbers would be scary high :rofl: but we are only showing the 1 for the last 10 days. We went through our shipping program and contacted them but they also noted that even if we created labels on thursday, they would not have counted until fri and their system would not allow them to be marked as shipped till friday.

:man_shrugging: probably another amazon glitch. Hoping that is all it is. For a company as large and technologically advanced as amazon, they have a seriously high issue rate.


You may want to also checked to see if you had an order which was paid for and the buyer asked for you to cancel it after you printed your shipping label.


No, didnt see any like that, typically once the label is created the order is picked/packed pretty quick and then it is in the Postal GPC so we do not cancel them as they are in and out of the building regularly and finding the package at that point is near impossible.

I appreciate that thought though, that can easily be overlooked, canceling the label in the shipping program but not on amazon.


In case any1 cares, got a response from CS, there was a system error that sent the message and everything has been documented to be back to normal.


Which day did you get your late shipment out of interest? I am just having an escalating problem with late shipments which only went late as Amazon counted Thanksgiving as a working day which we had not anticipated as it is a public holiday. Im wondering if the system didn’t take account of public holiday in error or public holidays are no longer accredited in Amazon which is worrying.





The post office was closed-- I don’t think that’s the issue? You’re in the USA correct?

(Amazon counted Thanksgiving as a working day which we had not anticipated as it is a public holiday.)

The shipment metric is broken - acting very squirrely…

There are a bunch of people that have had issues around some of those times - some of them have been reinstated & some of them have not, or was it the earlier incident… where are they in Mass suspended a bunch of folks, or did they not pay them?

Good luck


Was your account on vacation, or just didn’t ship thurs-mon?

Did you run your defect reports to see what Amazon was counting as late?


Hi @ Best_Connections_Inc ,

Each performance metric has a threshold that is expected of sellers to abide by while operating on the platform. Any shift to this threshold, leads to a reminder to check the account health.

As you have received notification about late shipment rate, there is a high probability that the threshold would have been either crossed or you would have reached the benchmark because of which you have received a notification to check the status.

Also, performance metric gets refreshed on a daily basis as is calculated with reference to time frame so with change in dates the scores would also tend to change subject to the number of orders that have been defaulted and fulfilled within that time span.

We would recommend, to always have a close check on the account health and in case you receive any notification and have call out to make, please drop an email to our performance team informing them the cause of the metric being influenced along with the steps taken to resolve the issue and prevent the same in future.

This would be a proactive measure that will always help in your account maintenance.

Wishing you a Good Day,



The late shipment was from the 21st. Again the issue was solved, it was sent in error and confirmed by CS that the message should not have been sent to our account as there was an error in the system similar to the valid tracking rate issues. i was not active in the system but my guess is, the % went above 4, they corrected the issue but only after the message was sent. :man_shrugging: