Late response rate above 10%


My late response rate is currently above the 10% goal. It seems to hover between 8% and 12%. The reason is that we don’t work on Sundays. We always respond quickly to buyer messages on the other days. Does anyone else have this problem? If it stays above 10% for a while will AZ be contacting me? Thanks in advance!

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If you want to sell on Amazon, you need to reply to customers every day. You can download the Amazon app on your phone. You would only have to check for messages one time on Sunday to fix the issue as you have 24 hours to respond.

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Thing is, if they have ANY other issues, say late shipments or something, Amazon will hold the account under even more scrutiny. Why put yourself in that position?

We don’t “work” on Sundays, but I have a cell phone with the seller app. It takes less than 2 min to respond in most cases, and we’ve never had an issue with this.

On a side note, buyers that don’t get quick responses to issues could end up filing A-Z’s.


You have 24 hours to respond, so even if your religion forbids working on Sunday you can still answer questions on Monday.


From the Amazon help page:

> What happens if my response time is “Fair” or “Poor”?
> Timely, high-quality responses to customer inquiries are an important factor in customer satisfaction and can help prevent negative feedback or other order defects and claims. While scores that do not meet our standards generally do not result in the suspension of your selling privileges, slow response times can lead to negative feedback and claims, which can impact your selling privileges.

It’s possible that there maybe lesser sanctions (buy box, premium shipping, etc.), but I don’t know for sure.


YES they may very likely be contacting you and possibly suspending you.
You are running a 24 hour a day 7 day a week business and Amazon expects you to take care of that business.
If you have a problem or a question about an order that you made from an online seller would you want to wait 48 hours for a response?
Use your cell phone if nothing else to respond to those messages on the weekend.


Amazon requires all correspondence to be answered in 24 hours. This includes weekends and holidays. If you continue to be above the required threshold Amazon will likely suspend your seller account until you appeal the action with the policies and practices you have now implemented to ensure no further violations occur.

If you are ‘closed’ on Sundays you need to determine a way to check your messages. Either do this by appointing someone to take a few minutes on Sunday to log in and check/respond to any messages. There is the Amazon Seller App that is available for iOS and Android smartphones. This app will immediately alert its user of an inbound email and you can respond to the message from the APP itself. You can download each from the following help page:

  • [Amazon Seller App for iPhone and Android|]


Answering questions on Monday if they are not within 24 hours will still get you a ding. If they open Monday at 8 am and start answering messages immediately then every message that comes in after they close Saturday until 8:01 am Sunday needs to be answered during off hours.


As others have explained, Amazon is a 24/7 business. You are expected to run your business as such if you want to sell on Amazon.

A way to reduce messages would be to put your account on vacation on the weekends. This won’t reduce the order inquiry messages from customers who previously placed orders but it will eliminate the pre order inquiries and post order inquiries on orders placed on the weekend.

You don’t want to put your account on vacation when you’re not openbecause you want sales when you’re not working? Then you need to figure out a way to answer inquiries on Sundays. You might pay an employee to do it on the weekends or hire an outside agency to answer questions on the days you don’t want to.


Is this done for religious purposes?

If it is that is understandable.

But unfortunately, Amazon will not accept this reason should this be ground for a suspension.

You need designate someone else to manage your emails during that period.

If it’s not for religious purposes then there is no reason to not be able to access your email from a smartphone.

I don’t like to access my Amazon account in public so I respond to customers directly from my email and it counts toward your response metrics.


One thing i will never understand is how those of us with no employees have 100 percent timely response but big companies cant find a single person to spend 5 min a day on weekends to check messages on their phone


That would be because self employed people run their business as part of their lifestyle while those with many employees run it like a job.


I’ve been at a book sale on the weekend and responded to a few customer requests. I’m new and fairly small but have excellent feedback and metrics. I want to be a bigger fish in the river some day, but I’d rather go slow and do it correctly.

My first week of selling I had an inquiry from a spammer and I just ignored it, until I realized that ALL communication counts. Never did that again.

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