Large Seller Suspended for almost 2 months. Going bankrupt for false RO


Yep happen to us too! And probably a lot more! We’ve had multiple listings that were selling really good and consistently throughout the year. Then they get it with just ONE fake review from a competitor, non-verified review as well, that not even the Exec team will not remove, and we haven’t sold one single item on it since these reviews were posted. Considering abandoning the listing at this point. But nothing erks me more than the sabotage tactics and amazon not willing to do anything about! If amaozn helped out, it wouldn’t be so bad, but they don’t.


Large Seller Suspended for almost 2 months. Going bankrupt for false RO

I am shocked you did NOT put “Million Dollar” in your title!!! SHOCKED!!!




So happy for you!


Exactly the same situation here, been almost 2 months. We are going bankrupt as well. False complaints by brand owners going direct to Amazon and not notifying anyone. Still suspended, 12 POAs later. Not sure if this is the right marketplace to be on.


If you close your account, you’ll never be able to open a new account. Amazon allows just one account for life. I understand you’re fed up with Amazon now. But maybe at some point you’ll want to return.


That’s ok, I am good with closing the account.

I work well with those that work well with me.


I’m glad your account is back on track meanwhile how in the world do you get that many sales I would love to sell even a fraction of that?


agree with bunga, was likely mod intervention to get reinstated so soon after posting on forum


If you’ve sold a single item, you are selling a fraction of what they sell. Albeit a tiny fraction, but it’s still a fraction.


I dont get why Amazon can’t just clearly tell you what they need to get you reinstated. They keep sending back canned form letters as to why they cant accept the invoice or the POA but they never tell you what is missing. So maddening!


What’s a POA? And yes, I am new.


I am very happy for OP, but I think this was coincidental timing. Less than 15 minutes??? :thinking: That’s not a thing that Forum mods could do in that time frame.

If there’s anything going on behind these scenes… it’s likely not that.

I would hate to give the other thousand suspended Sellers who have posted here false hope or the impression that their suspensions aren’t important. :confounded:

Here’s another user, recently posted, very very similar situation…not reinstated yet just by posting on the Forum:

Plan of Action, or “appeal”.


Thank You


Probably in the process of being reinstated well before your post here. Forum had absolutely nothing to do with it! I hope they joking about that. If they had that power a lot more accounts would be reinstated!


No! :roll_eyes:


Please learn from the experience, I mean that. Something here went wrong. How upset should an ex-employee ever be? If they were unjustified in their actions, who in your organization hired such a monster in the first place? What was sold that you were not able to prove the validity of? A business doing six big ones a year with amazon alone should use this scare that your now seem to have gotten through in one piece, and hire outside expertise to conduct a full inquiry and investigation. Merry Christmas Fashionomics, from your favorite…

Uncle Charlie


Trying to see what happened to prevent any mishaps… I guess being . a new seller you have to be ready for anything. any info would help so much thanks


Wow, 1/2 of a million dollars a month?


didn’t mean to imply that just bcuz a seller complains on forums about their store being suspended, a mod would then help to reinstate. not by any stretch was that the msg trying to send. just agreeing with bunga, due to how quickly it was reinstated, IMO, it appears their may have been Mod help on this one.