Large Seller Suspended for almost 2 months. Going bankrupt for false RO


I have been on Amazon for 6 years and this is my bread and butter. I do around 500,000 a month and its absurd to suggest that I would ever contemplate ever selling counterfeit.

I also was caught up in the wave of unvetted RO complaints. I am suspended for one RO complaint. The person that filed it left the company 6 months ago.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone and my business is shut closed because one “rights owner”, that is proven to be false and abusive sent an email to Amazon.

I sent in many very good POAs and here I am still stuck and depressed wondering when this nightmare will end. I am disapointed that Amazon does this and cannot look at this account and see how unfair this is.

Every item is as real as can be so why am in this postion.


Your account still shows 168 items for sale.

3 years on Amazon. Suspended for close 10 weeks for bogus RO

This seller was just reinstated- Yahoo!

3 years on Amazon. Suspended for close 10 weeks for bogus RO

As @The_Orange_Crush said, your account is active. You may not be getting orders because your prices are higher than many of your competitors and you don’t have the buy box.


We were just reinstated 15 minutes ago!!


Uh, wow? That’s remarkable. Sounds like the mods-that-be helped you out here.

bunga bunga!


The Power Of The Forum is mighty.


I’m so happy for you, and happy to see how powerful this forum can be resolving issues. Hope you start selling like never before. Good luck


Glad it all worked out. Learn the lesson though about putting so many eggs in Amazon’s basket.


it was like 5 minutes after it was posted - is that possible?


Congrats! So happy for you! :hugs::tada::bouquet::balloon::clap::dizzy::rocket:


Didn’t Amazon pledge on August 16 that it would give a 30-day suspension notice before permanently removing sellers from the platform? Why did they make this pledge if they clearly didn’t intend to adhere to it?


That has not happened yet at all.


So happy you got reinstated, god bless you and your business.


Reading your OP was heart breaking. So glad you’re reinstated! Best of luck to you!


how did you get reinstated ? help us ?


Hopefully you will still be able to capture some holiday business… best of luck!!!


Holy Bat-Man! $500,000 a month??? Reminds me of a similar poster, around this time last year, doing 5-12 million a year on amazon.


We are going through the same thing right now. False counterfeit complaint from the rights owner, because the manufacturer was trying to control the sales on amazon.

We received email correspondence from the rights owner - forwarded all information onto amazon, and still our account is suspended, even though the rights owner clearly states in the correspondence that we have resolved our matter. and that they request the reinstatement of all asin in question.

Now I am trying to close the account - BUT you cannot close the account until amazon reinstates it.

2 months now, 3 POA’s later, and still nothing.

As stated earlier, all I want to do now is close my account and I cannot even do that.

Me personally, I am fed up with the nonsense of how simple it is for other competitors to sabotage a decent sellers account. And amazon has a tendency to turn a blind eye to all of it.

Well, the BBB is my next step. Lets see what happens then…

Good luck to you


I think the timing is coincidental.

I do not think that reinstatement was due to posting here.