Label printer keeps printing an additional blank label


When I go to print my labels with my Zebra GC420d from the Scan & Label area. My label printer in addition to my label, prints another blank label. Any ideas how to correct this? I am printing labels on a 2" x 1" format and I have even changed the printer settings in the Zebra property settings to 1x2 dimensions. Any other ideas why this is happening?


If you calibrate the printer it should stop doing that. I forget how, read the manual and see. There is a process you run where you load the labels and the printer does a little testing to find the gaps inbetween. If you do that it will fix the problem.

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A little more on this:

If you google

P1052685-001 zebra

you’ll get a link to the manual.

What you are looking for is “Manual calibration” on page 66.

Manual Calibration

Manual calibration is recommended whenever you are using pre-printed media or if the printer
will not correctly auto calibrate.

  1. Make sure media is loaded.
  2. Turn on the printer power.
  3. Press and hold the Feed button until the green status light flashes once, then twice and
    then continuing until the flash groups reach the group of seven flashes. Release the Feed
  4. The printer will set the media sensor for the label backing being used. After it is done
    making this adjustment, the roll will automatically feed until a label is positioned at the
    printhead. A profile of the media sensor settings (similar to the example below) will print.
    Upon completion, the printer will save the new settings in memory and the printer is ready
    for normal operation.
  5. Press the Feed button. One entire blank label will feed. If this does not happen, try
    defaulting (refer to the four-flash sequence in “Feed Button Modes” later in this chapter)
    and recalibrating the printer.

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Thank you so much. It worked.


Great to hear.

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