Know what to do if your account has been compromised


If you have reason to believe that an unauthorized user has accessed your account or that your account credentials have been compromised, immediately reset your password under Account Settings. If you cannot access your account with your credentials, you can reset the password by selecting Forgot my Password on the log in page.

If you notice unauthorized orders, listings, or other changes to your account, please contact Seller Support as soon as possible and inform us that your account has been compromised.

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Possible Phishing Email
Someone is trying to get in my account

I am getting this awful feeling that this is becoming a huge problem


This is the 3rd topic from Amazon news about this type of situation that I’ve seen in the last week or so. Something seems to be trending, which is either Amazon accounts getting hacked or sellers falling for phishing attempts.


i think there is a way how hackers can gain access to your cc this way. i already had to cancel two cc and initiate a fraud investigation

Seller help

I am seeing advertising of ‘Amazon negative feedback removal’ on google. They sell it for $150 per review.
I think Amazon system was hacked and they don’t wanna tell anyone in order to make sure that the stock will not drop.


Sellers seem to have a better grip on this than Amazon.

A link to @bunga_bunga’s thread may be more helpful, which was posted over two and half years ago, on April 6, 2017: What To Do If Your Account Has Been Hacked.


The BIGGEST LOOPHOLE = 3rd Party Apps with full MWS access that get compromised - or have been intentionally launched to infiltrate seller accounts

Without 2-factor authentication on 3rd party apps, black hat sellers will relentlessly steal data and hijack ASINs.

My suggestions:

Option 1: Amazon should REQUIRE 3rd party app developers to implement 2-factor authentication and provide them with the tools/software to make the change.

Option 2: Amazon should REQUIRE any 3rd party app with MWS access to seller accounts to only access the app with the seller’s 2-factor authentication enable Amazon seller login.

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