Keywords Nightmare - Any Help For A Relatively New Seller?


Hi there, relatively new seller so apologies if this has been here on the forum, but I can’t see an answer, so…

I am having a huge problem getting keywords into my listings. Yes, I’ve checked the obvious reasons why they would not show (per Amazon rules).

Strangely, they are ALL listings which were sent ready for shipping to Amazon, but not anticipated for receipt at warehouse for 30-45 days. I set the product info in order to organise the shipping, then leave to later to create the full listings on the site.

When I enter the final listing is all OK, but the keywords are “stuck”. Typically the detail in the keyword tab shows 1 word, and a completely random keyword; as example, I have a product showing my only keyword is “DEPSYDRA” !

I have tried everything I can figure but I’m at a loss…

Any of your clever chaps have a clue? I would be more than thankful…

Kindest Paul


Key words are a waste of time on the Amazon site. They are not what they were 10 years ago. Amazon runs more so by effective titles than keywords. Your title should be short 4-5 words at the most and right to the point. :train2:


Hi SELLC - actually, even though I’m a relatively “newbies” I have figured that keywords, as they say, are not particularly effective. I take great detail on compiling my titles for your exact reason. So, yes… you are right.

But, it still pi$$ed me off at I can’t get these keywords working - effective or not…

Thanks for the heads-up… appreciated.


There are billions upon billions of them out there all being used by the millions upon millions of sellers. Which one do you think is going to separate you from the rest?

Now don’t get me wrong, I do use keywords, only in a different manner. I own 5 online retail stores not associated with Amazon. My only keywords and the company names of stores specializing in the same product line. And sure enough, when someone types in a competitor’s name, I am always on line 2 or 3 underneath with no advertising.


I don’t… and I have no idea why you think otherwise? My simple VERY question - any idea why I cannot get the “stuck” keywords being updated by Amazon?

Your reply was a little harsh imo… but thanks anyway…

“Search items that describe your product; no repetition, NO COMPETITOR, brand names or ASINs.” Walking the line I reckon… :slight_smile:


I’m sorry I can’t help you with your technical issue, but as a prolific buyer I can assure you that keywords are extremely helpful to experienced buyers.

And there are a bazillion of us out there.

Keep in mind there are many sellers on these boards who don’t buy hundreds or thousands of products a year on Amazon and therefore don’t have the search abilities, experience or savvy to navigate the bloated Amazon catalogue like we do.

I am regularly able to look for a common item with thousands of listing and drill down to just a couple of pages by continuing to add and remove keywords.

There are huge numbers of popular buyer forums and online groups out there with tips and tricks on how to search, find and narrow down what you’re looking for. Great keywords are an important factor.

Good luck to you.


Thanks very much for your helpful message - appreciated!

I really don’t know why I have this problem. My only guess, for some reason, that I didn’t send any keywords in the field for many weeks whilst by being shipped (from China). Very frustrating, but sadly, these few items are looking like they’ll be without keywords…

Thanks again… appreciated, as your message was helpful, unlike many posts here :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you brand registered? We were having an issue with images not updating correctly and we asked to be connected to brand registry and they were able to resolve the issue. If it is your brand, you should be able to update images, keywords, titles etc.


Hi Nancy, I’m in process of brand registery but thanks for your response - useful info - many thanks…


Is this detail page Only your listing? Are there other sellers on the listing?

You may not have page control to be able to change anything.


Hi Jes, I did wonder myself, but no it’s a new product and not available else on Amazon. Many thanks.