Keyword Tracking Tools


There are tons of Amazon web tools out there that check your rank for a keyword on an ASIN. How are tools like Helium10, SellerTools tracking this? Is this something that’s provided natively in MWS or ad api?

For example in Seller tools I can see my ASIN ranks 34 on amazon for the keyword “garlic press”. Meaning it’s near the bottom of page 1.

Any idea how these tools are getting this data? I can’t imagine they are scraping the data from Amazon are they?

Any tips?


We think for keyword tool, Helium 10 is much more better than others. You can filter by many filters like search volume etc. Joungle Scout is also good. It is better to look at your needs and choose aone of these. They are getting the data from scrapping the search keywords and getting search volume data from Amazon