Keep an eye out for One Time Passwords you did not request


If you receive a One Time Password sent to your Two-Step Verification enabled device and you are not actively logging in to Amazon, reset your password immediately and review your account for any other unauthorized changes. If you cannot access your account anymore, you can recover Your Account here.

Before you begin account recovery, follow the steps below:

  • Try to sign in with a registered backup method or from a trusted device.
  • If successful, review your primary phone number.
  • And check the authenticator app’s enabled on your account.

To learn more, you can get help in Seller Central for "About Two-Step Verification".


It’s real! beware! And the crooks are working fast!


If we cannot log into our accounts, how can we access the links you provide to recover our accounts?


Is it normal to receive additional OTPs after we are logged in?


Can I get that translated into English, please?


The new digital security age has made us all into “Spy vs Spy.”