Keep an eye out for important account change notifications


After any important changes to your selling account’s banking, credential, or Two-Step Verification settings, Amazon will send you an email alert. If you receive these email alerts and do not recall making any account changes, please review your account and take steps to protect yourself if necessary (see our next article).

Also, please be aware that you are now required to have Two-Step Verification enabled for your account security. If you receive a One Time Password sent to your Two-Step Verification enabled device and you are not actively logging in to Amazon, reset your password immediately and review your account for any other unauthorized changes.

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SUSPENDED for CHANGING credit card info?!
Why is the One Time Password text happening every time we log on?

It sounds like Amazon is having some problems with account security… Cool.


So we are required to have 2FA, that is great! It is also great that AMZ now offers 2FA via an authentication app in addition to the less secure SMS 2FA. But is there any way to switch the primary 2FA from SMS to the authentication app?

When I clink on the change link next to the “Preferred Method” it just takes me to the page to update the SMS number.



I think it sounds more like some sellers are having problems with account security by falling for Phishing emails …

But … more than that I tend to think it is also about Account Verification.



Do you mean this sarcastically or seriously? Because it’s not Amazon that gets hit, it’s the sellers who get hurt.


We are also trying to remove phone numbers from our 2 step and just go with a hard key or at the very least an app, but we are not able to. I spent four hours on the phone with SeSu and they were unable to guide me on how to reset my security to remove SMS from my secondary 2step. This is an epic fail. They told me that I have to do a full recovery, which I’m not going to do right now during Q4 when I just got out of a velocity review and haven’t been paid in four weeks as it is.
We updated our emails settings, took out all recovery options that have our phone number or other emails, and check our account info daily. But SMS should NOT be used ever as any recovery method.


Sarcastically. I read this as Amazon (and as @Oneida_Books pointed out, sellers may be falling for scams) is getting so many instances of unauthorized account information changes that they had to alter policy and post a news thread.

In reality, it is not cool that this has to happen and is happening.


To remove as preferred, you have to actually disable 2step and then re-enable it and set it up with an app or key for primary. But I can’t figure out how to get SMS off as my back-up. I spent hours on the phone with seller central trying to get SMS removed. I am next going to my phone carrier to get a phone number/phone that I ONLY USE for 2step (as a backup).


When is 3 step auth coming out? :mage:


Just out of curiosity, why not?


All of a sudden I have no return shipping address and am not allowed to print a label for customer. WTH?


Has this happened to any of you? I sold an item, then went to my inventory and removed it. Two weeks later I receive another order for the same item. I quickly went to my account and canceled it and stated the reason. Now my account is suspended for performance health until May 31. That is not a big deal… but This happened only once and is this how amazon treats their sellers? I’m just curious… I had a customer once did not like the book she ordered, I refunded her and according to amazon she is to return the book back to me… she never did. I didnt make a big deal about it. Elizabeth

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