Just so you understand what happened to the Seller Performance Widget


In case you missed it or it’s mention in some threads … Amazon announced :

    “Based on seller feedback, Amazon will remove the Seller Rating feature from all Seller Central accounts on November 2, 2015. After this change is made you can continue to view your seller performance metrics - such as Order Defect Rate, Cancellation Rate, and Late Shipment Rate - on the Performance Summary and Account Health tabs in your seller account. To learn more about seller performance metrics, search “Seller Performance Measurements” in seller help.”

What I guess they forgot to mention clearly was that they were removing the whole Seller Performance Widget from out Seller Central page … not a good idea !

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That was a huge mistake. What a pain in the rear this is.

I have to scramble around and navigate to the top of the page to find what was easily accessible on the widget.

If you want to remove seller rating just get rid of that and not the whole thing Amazon! Cmon!


Actually no I didn’t … but now that you mention it … geez.


That was not well done. I used that widget every day! I don’t mind a change to it but I sure would like to have it back. :frowning:


Yeah kind of like" I don’t like the wart on my finger so I’ll just cut my hand off"…lol


Also did you notice the getting started selling widget?..it was there and now it’s gone…it led to something called Amazon University.


Thanks, I was wondering how to find the feedback page.

And when I did, I noticed this on the feedback page:

We’re trying out a new feature
Now you can provide feedback on your metrics (look for the little gray flags.)

Oh, boy. Now we can waste time sending them feedback on our metrics, which they won’t read and which will make no difference to anyone.


I see it when I click on Customer Satisfaction, on the bottom.


And they have the nerve to claim that they did this "“Based on seller feedback.”

I’d like to know which sellers asked them to do this.


I am getting very anxious without seeing the TAB :frowning:
I hope this widget will come back very soon


Some cannot even get through preschool.


The stats areas, links, all missing.

At least we can still find claims tiny clickable links on the very bottom.

Many people will not respond to their claims if Amazon won’t bring this back and fast.

Same with Buyer messages.


The Account Health is missing entirely now, there is no link to it under Performance either.


Yes, we need that back! All of back would be nice, but Buyer Message’s is essential!


Agree wholeheartedly. I use that widget every day for checking messages, claims, and keeping an eye on feedback rating.

It’s almost as if their goal is to cause sellers to give lousy service to the consumers.


Ditto. So I can slap some sense into 'em. That is, except for the fact that I don’t believe for one second that sellers said, “oh we don’t need this”


Not Rob, but top right corner, next to the search box, will take you to the buyer messages page.


Yep …

This is a MAJOR faux-pa !!


I could if I wanted too … lol

Try : https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/communication-manager/inbox.html/ref=sm_cmin_head_xx

Top right in SC is messages.

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What really stinks is that it was an easy way to see buyer messages.