JUST LAUNCHED SCAM SELLERS: #1 Reason why amazon is loosing it's customers


Ok, we needed some surge protectors with a long cord. So I decided to shop on amazon this time instead of feeBay and found this product:

Of course I went to “Other Sellers on Amazon” to find the best deal.

Guess who is on top undercutting the lowest price by over 30%? (see attachment) Paul Gipson
Just Launched no feedback, in fact all of his products are priced at $6.99 over 2400 different products. We all know here that this guy is scam, but not the average buyer.

So let’s say the “average buyer” makes the transaction, does not get the product in the end. Who is he going to blame? Some 3rd party seller named Paul Gipson? Wrong! He is going to blame amazon, and never shop here again!!!


So…the #1 reason, above all others, that Amazon is loosing customers (i.e… BUYERS) is because of the way it treats it’s sellers?

Care to explain?

Is it some sort of solidarity thing or what?


Amazon will definitely do something about it. But when they do, it will be across the board and adversely effect every legit sellers operations.


I have noticed bunch of fake sellers in clothing and shoes category, selling items for 3.99 and free shipping . I get way too many items deactived for potential pricing error just because i listed my item for $45 and some scammer listed it for $3 bucks and free ship, wich is is not even funny.


I have these fake launch sellers all over my branded products. Havent sent several cease and desist letters, Amazon reporting does nothing… I keep reporting to seller performance and no results. Its insane… How do we get gated?


We’re also finding a lot of new listings with emails and phone numbers in the usernames and listings to circumvent Amazon. I have emailed Amazon about this several times, but it seems to fall on deaf ears.

For Example:


I can’t believe Amazon is letting these post.


Just Launched/Underpriced Fake Sellers

Seller name: Maria’s Handbags


SAME thing happened every 2 days later. This type of scam very harmful for us. I just sent a report to Amazon. I feel amazon should close free seller option & make it paid seller without free option.


Just Launched Fake Sellers

Seller name: gnei07vie


Yes, I noticed very strange activity from these scam sellers. They sell their products at unbelievable low prices, https://www.amazon.com/sp?_encoding=UTF8&asin=B00U77M004&isAmazonFulfilled=0&isCBA=&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&orderID=&seller=A3F7MT83ECC88F&tab=&vasStoreID= here is another one - selling cooker for $3.99!!! The shipping for this product, should be around $6 and you sell it for $3.99 with free shipping, this is not normal. Also, this guy has around 800 products, its possible to use some software?!


The amount of responses in this topic shows how serious the current situation is. As I said, at the moment I am with 5 fake sellers listing in my products. Selling a product that costs on average $ 20, for $ 0.80. I reported all of them to Amazon for days, but got no feedback.

Seller’s name: ChanelSweets
Link to their storefront:

Seller’s name: dahliadear
Link to their storefront:

Seller’s name: fei meng jie
Link to their storefront:

Seller’s name: JEREMI CHERYL
Link to their storefront:

Seller’s name: INSA NDYFN
Link to their storefront:


This one is the same way. Can’t believe they are still selling.


I still cannot understand it.

How Amazon lets anybody start up a seller account… All you have to do is pound the keyboard and fog up the mirror!

This Just Launched thing is hurting sellers and innocent buyers. And, what is Amazon going to do?

And, here I, with a good record, 100% for years, and then I get an Account Risk because of ONE A-Z claim.

These “Just Launched” scammers are beyond the typical Curly, Larry and Moe Sellers that are invited.

It is a shame that this is happening.


This one is unbelievable. And they have over 29,000 listings.

Amazon will shut them down, eventually, and the next day they upload their “tardy” trash in a flat file, and they’ll be at it again.



#1 reason amazon is losing it’s customers is not scammers. it is amazon itself - the way it treats it’s sellers.


These guys are suddenly popping up like weeds in the last 3-4 weeks. I have a feeling that it is a handful of maybe 10 people opening tons of scam accounts in China, siphoning a couple bucks off listings (the ones that don’t get cases opened for non-delivery) and then vanishing.

No idea how Amazon might be able to stop this but its suddenly a HUGE issue.

Two get the boot on Monday, Wednesday 5 more show up. Those get the boot by Friday and then Saturday 3 more show up.

Easy to tell its the same people opening the accounts though, all stock the EXACT same products, in the EXACT same quantities, with exact same ship time. Not coincidence that all these people choose the same products and quantity to stock lol


For those, who may have missed it: Reporting Just Launched and other Scam Sellers (Proper Format).

It +is+ getting worse, judging from the numerous threads on this subject, these past few weeks.


Thanks for that Rushdie!

Going to give that a try.


I agree!!! I have noticed a huge surge in fake sellers in the last few weeks. Almost all the items I sell are flooded with sellers selling at 30-90% below retail. They all have between 0-5 ratings with most with nothing but negative feedback.

Amazon needs to be more strict on what “new” sellers are allowed to sell. They also need to hold their payments for much longer than 2 weeks. That way these sellers won’t get paid and will eventually stop trying to rip off Amazon and other trustworthy sellers.


I opened a topic a few days ago on this subject. Unfortunately Amazon is not taking the necessary steps to avoid this, it is unfortunate how a company the size of Amazon can not control the bad sellers.

Just today I reported 5 scam vendors listed in my product.