Just got suspended, don't feel like I did anything wrong


Got my selling privileges removed today. Reason stated is that “we are confirming orders prior to shipping any portion of the orders to the buyers”

Only thing is that isn’t true. We print postage directly off Amazon and each day, Monday-Saturday we stop off at post office before their cut off time.

We continue to do order prep after that but choose the next business day as the ship date. Prep the orders and drop them off the next day.

I want to appeal, but can’t tell Amazon they are wrong (our can I?).

Been selling for for years and have low ODR. I’m not sure what even prompted a review.

Feeling really irritated this happened on a weekend when we make 60% + of our sales.

Any help would be appreciated.


Most of the folks in your position have not been using Amazon postage.

If you are doing as you say, all of the data to tell Amazon they are wrong should exist on the system/

The day you told Amazon you were shipping.
The USPS origin scan.

Start by making a spreadsheet of that info and determining whether you can substantiate your version of what you have done.


Can you delay the confirmation-upload with Stamps? I thought it auto uploaded as well. I do the ‘run all the postage first thing in the morning’ thing to avoid the issue that the OP is having.

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Are you suggesting that if I select Monday February 23 on an order that I receive today, and I print out the Amazon postage label, and I mail it on the 23rd, and tracking indicates that the post office received it on the 23rd, that this is somehow a violation? Or am I misunderstanding what you have written? Thanks.


You aren’t the only to report alleged violations of the confirm when ship policy. Search for recent forum threads on the topic while you wait for reactions and mull over your options.

The “choose the next business day” might be your problem.

I’m sorry for your situation.


Ok. I just want to get this straight. For example today is Saturday, the postal deadline at the local office already ended. So, if I print postage from Amazon and choose from their provided ship date Monday 23rd and print postage, then I am doing something wrong?

This must be it. Been doing it for four years and always thought it was appropriate. If it’s not, why do they even have the option to pick the next business day as your postage date?


Unfortunately nobody here knows what causes the suspension. But I can give you to facts:

  1. Many people here (including myself) print shipping labels soon after receiving an order and ship the items as soon as they can, never changing the “ship date” dropdown, and they’ve never been suspended.

  2. Many people here use the “ship date” dropdown to select the date that they plan to deliver the item to the post office, and they’ve never been suspended.

Your suspension is common, and unfortunately, nobody knows the cause or solution.


> If you are doing as you say, all of the data to tell Amazon they are wrong should exist on the system/
> The day you told Amazon you were shipping.
> The USPS origin scan.

Is USPS origin scan on a downloadable Amazon spreadsheet somewhere or do you mean checking tracking individually?



> Been selling for for years and have low ODR. I’m not sure what even prompted a review.
> Feeling really irritated this happened on a weekend when we make 60% + of our sales.
> Any help would be appreciated.

  1. Promise not to do it again.

  2. Use Endicia.

  3. Don’t confirm until after the first package scan.


No, you can’t tell Amazon they are wrong.

Did you get any warnings about this prior to the suspension? You mention a review… is this the result of a review?

No one knows, exactly, what triggers this violation but there is, something, that you have done or failed to do that did cause it. So, even though you feel this is totally wrong and unfair you really need to set those feelings aside and start to look critically at your process so that you can figure out what happened and then figure out how to fix it. Once you have done that, then writing your appeal will be much easier and much more likely to succeed.

The first thing to consider is if you, ever, even once, tried to avoid a late shipment ding by printing postage a day or two before you actually sent an item. It is a really common mistake… we all try and do things to make sure we protect our metrics… and it might even look like a reasonable idea but it does lead to these types of suspensions.

When you stop at the post office before their cut off time are your pacakge getting scanned that day or is it so close to closing that your packages are just waiting until the next day?

It might be helpful to post your suspension letter and any warnings you have gotten. Sometimes they can help us help you.


I think you will have to check tracking individually (unless you have one of the label services)… .and I would check it on the carrier website as it is more accurate and complete then what Amazon displays for tracking on its website. You might even be able to see the discrepency that way… comparing what Amazon shows as initial scan to what the carrier shows.


>We continue to do order prep after that but choose the next business day as the ship date.

So, you’re telling Amazon that you’re going to ship it tomorrow even though you are confirming the order today?

That could be the problem. I think you could put together a very short and very simple appeal saying you will not confirm orders until after they are shipped. The suspension explanation is vague so I wouldn’t try to figure it out as part of the appeal.


The problem is not prepping the orders as far as pulling, but actually running the postage, even tho you’ve chosen the next day Amazon autoconfirms it TODAY not tomorrow, and that’s what they’re looking at.

Bizarre, I know. But all you can do is tell them you will no longer run labels today that aren’t being shipped until tomorrow.

If you have to keep prepping and want postage with tomorrow’s date, get a stamps.com, upload your orders there and print the postage with tomorrow’s date then don’t reuplad the feed for confirmation until tomorrow.

I use ShipRush, which auto uploads after I run the label, so I don’t run mine till the day I ship. And if I miss my pickup, I make a special trip to the contract post office with the rest.


I do exactly what you say you do.

I have not been suspended (yet).

That is why I suggested building a spreadsheet to see what the data on the system says,


That cannot be it… that is to say, that would make no sense… Amazon makes the tools available to you to ship out the next day. Are you using tracking that verifies that you do indeed mail the package out on the day you say you are going to?


And that is what people have been doing for as long as postage meters have existed, long before Internet postage. If you were using a postage meter or Stamps.com or Endicia.com, or any service other than Amazon’s own postage (and perhaps some third-party services like Shipworks built specifically to interface with Amazon), you could do this with no problem, because you could wait until Monday to upload the confirmation report. (And, in fact, you couldn’t upload before then.)

I can believe a lot of bad things about Amazon, but I still find it inconceivable that Amazon would design a postage system which creates such a competitive disadvantage for itself vis-a-vis other postage services.

My own theory remains that the problem is that your post office isn’t doing an acceptance scan on the day you drop off the packages. If those packages weren’t scanned until Tuesday, that looks like you didn’t actually mail them on Monday, like you told Amazon you were going to do.

So, as others have suggested, collect all the data for your package tracking, and see if this is happening. If so, your solution is going to be to talk to your local post office about alternatives, perhaps switch to a system that will print a SCAN sheet, or switch to a different post office. (My usual post office scans everything before it leaves the counter.)

If your post office is scanning on the same day you drop off, then perhaps I am wrong, and you have to stop buying postage on Saturday for Monday’s shipments, or switch to a postage provider that allows you to control the confirmation upload.

Or perhaps there is something you aren’t telling us - perhaps have forgotten - like the time several packages fell behind the seat of your car and weren’t found for a week. :wink:

Or perhaps there is a glitch. We’ve heard that Amazon is having difficulty displaying up-to-date USPS data, so perhaps they’re blaming you for that. If so, I don’t know why only some sellers are affected (just as I don’t know why Dommie got picked for suspension when lots of other sellers have many more customer complaints about condition). But perhaps enforcement is done in small batches.

Please report back when you’ve gathered data. None of us know why this is happening to certain sellers; the more we find out, the more we can figure it out and help others.

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I do not think it is triggered by printing your postage on Amazon the night before you post or on a Saturday or Sunday for posting on Monday, whether or not you change the date. I have never changed a single date, I print 100% of my postage on Amazon for USPS and I have never gotten a warning, peformance notice or suspension (knock on wood) in eight years.

The fact is that no one really knows what triggers this violation. I think it is triggered either because packages are not being scanned on the day they are given to the carrier or because a seller has printed postage ahead of time and then delayed giving the package to the carrier for one reason or another.


Are you using tracking?


I know this is sorta counter-intuitive, but do not try to provide Amazon with any actual information. Address only and exactly their stated issue.

“We have assessed our shipping process and it is now arranged to confirm orders after the package has actually shipped. In the future we will not confirm orders until the package has actually shipped. At no time will any package be confirmed before actually being shipped.”

Keep it simple and to their point. Don’t get distracted by the facts.


This is a tough one, as you appear to be doing nothing wrong. I would suggest that if you are to get reinstated, that in the future you purchase postage elsewhere, confirm orders, and NOT upload tracking information. Tracking is not required on Amazon, and if you do not include tracking then Amazon can’t accuse you of this violation. It is counterintuitive to offer less customer service by not providing tracking to get out of a pickle, but the Amazon system seems to be way too overly sensitive that it is just snagging people for violations when none really exist.