Jeff Bezos says Amazon will fail one day, maybe this is the year


@BonitaliquidatorsLLC what you’re talking about (and you are guilty of) is the same problem so many crazy, unrealistic buyers have – you aren’t paying attention to the Delivery Date quoted. Just how many days’ shipping time. Then the buyer gets absolutely irate when their item isn’t packed and shipped within 3 seconds after they pay. As a seller you should understand that handling time is a thing that exists.


One other thing to get the ranting out of my system :pensive:…I keep on receiving these, I’m assuming, formerly returned garments, stuffed into small plastic bags, without any retail tags whatsoever. This has happened six or more times in the past 3 months on different clothing items.
Can you imagine how happy this makes his “other” customers?
Would he be happy with his order?
None of clothing items cost less than $300.
It’s unbelievable how they resell returns. When I return them, they just put them right back on, I assume until someone is actually happy with them.

Sorry! rant over


Not a rant, its how they operate.


I am sorry to say you are WRONG! I picked the items I needed and placed them into my cart only to see a delivery date 6 days from now. As I stated I thought as Millions of Prime members my order would arrive within 2-3 days Max.


That’s the reason I sell select items here and other items on other sites. Remember online returns are faceless FRAUD in most cases.


Yes most Prime members expect to get their items in 2 days when they see the Prime badge. Amazon are completely in over their skis with 1 day shipping. Without Fedex they won’t even be able to do 2 day shipping this holiday season for alot of Prime orders. They will lose alot of goodwill with customers.

Is this the end of the Amazon retail platform? Hardly. Has the platform peaked. For sure. It will be a slow decline until it finally gets spunoff to unlock shareholder value. I doubt they could pass a price hike on Prime memberships anymore. I would not be surprised to see price cuts coming for Prime over the next few years to try and retain membership. Customer service is well below Walmart and Target levels now, it used to be the best by a huge margin. I understand the focus has to be where the profits are (AWS) but I am sure even Jeff Bezos is surprised how fast Walmart and Target were able to turn things around and pose very real near term threats.


Well, it’s sure not how I operate. I want his customers to have a great experience when they open what they ordered, and also get the order out same day if humanely possible.


I know, it’s a big issue.


Amazon is to Online like Tesla is to Electric Vehicles, The big players and MONEY are not sitting far behind. That’s my opinion.


I’ve gotten two delay notices from them in the past hour on orders that will be late for the Prime delivery target date.


If these are orders you shipped, the sad part is if you get a negative feedback Amazon is less likely to remove it.


I won’t touch SFP. I really would like to, but don’t see deliveries all making it without spending a fortune.


I totally Agree, We ship everyday and we control how the item is Packaged and will be received by the customer. We sell mostly fine china and have less than 1 in 1000 items received damaged, returns on the other hand, customers throw the items in a box UNPROTECTECED and don’t think twice.


Where you are located makes a big difference in when you receive your orders if you are a prime member.

I have two ship to locations, one 50 miles north of the other,

My southern location gets 1 day delivery. My more northern location 3 days.

The number of potential buyers 50 miles north is tiny and unlikely to affect Amazon’s revenue due to customer disappointment. The closet grocery is 20 miles away, and the closest big box store 30 miles away.


I’ve had the same thing happen over and over and over. Anytime an order is returned for a FBA faulted reason (N.B. not blaming the seller…), I print out a huge note on the second half of the label sheet and stick it right on the item’s product bag or box: DO NOT RESTOCK!!! and add the appropriate description: damaged, incorrect ASIN, worn, dirty, used, missing parts, etc… Sometimes, I use heavy black marker on the product box, as well.

I then print out another paper, that is tucked inside the article of clothing or hidden elsewhere within the item, where Billy will never look, stating the item was a return that was: damaged, incorrect ASIN, worn, dirty, used, missing parts, etc… telling the person to return it immediately.

Don’t know if it helps any other buyers, but I doubt Billy has time to read the small print, so I try to make it noticeable enough that Billy may do the right thing.


The ability of FBA to deliver is determined


I agree with you. I’m not a Prime member (it sounds too much like joining the Borg Collective), but given 1.) all the media hype and 2.) the zero-day handling time requirement for SFP sellers, I’d be surprised if I signed up only to discover that it was going to take Amazon a few days to ship.


I live in a RURAL area , but Fedex, UPS, and USPS arrive to my location everyday. I may not have Local power sometimes. but we get the orders out, as customers placed orders and are expecting them to be shipped. That is our job here on Amazon, get the orders out, TIMELY. And packed securely so they arrive intact!!!


Amazon’s failure is not imminent, but there are certainly cracks. The thing is, most people who do prime do it for more than free unreasonably fast shipping. Most of Amazons competition is similar in speed.

As a buyer, Amazon has never been my first stop. I prefer the more hands on approach of the bay or b&m stores over Amazon. I get things faster through other sales channels, cheaper, and frankly feel better because my money isn’t going to billionaires but to small sellers like me. Even from Amazon when I buy, I pick non fba third party sellers over fba or Amazon themselves 90% of the time. But failing this year? I think it’ll take a lot more than this for Amazon to fail. It’s Christmas. Everyone expects shipping delays at Christmas, and short of massive price gouging, delays are going to happen through all online vendors. Short of a mass Exodus back to b&m stores… Amazons downfall isn’t here yet

Haven’t been a prime member since it was under a hundred dollars


May I ask who Amazon’s #1 competitor is?