Jeff Bezos says Amazon will fail one day, maybe this is the year


I have placed several orders on Amazon this week only to be advised the orders will arrive in 5-7 days. I have read the comments that the item will arrive in 1-2 days after shipping, but I and thousands of others think that is wrong as when we place orders we ASSUME they will be processed and shipped within 24 hours. As Amazon Prime members who pay $12 BILLION per year, for two day service I think this wrong. I see the small print that says your order will be received within 2 days of being Shipped. This is totally wrong.


Only in your eyes.


I don’t think the millions of Amazon Prime members see it that way. Me being one. I am now buying more on Ebay than here, and last year I spent well over 20k on this site.


Detail page arbitrage players are an excellent example.

50 sellers on a listing, lowest price is $5 highest on the line up is $50 all the exact same item and all are suppose to be “NEW”. If buyers paid attention none of the sellers above $5 would ever sell an item.


But does it arrive within the shipping window they told you when you ordered? I bet it does…


Most of my purchases were from Amazon as the seller, but some were Amazon Fulfilled. but my last 3 orders were from Amazon, to be shipped from Amazon, but have yet to be shipped. Ordered 3 days ago. Case closed.


The point is Most people think when they place an order it will arrive in 2 days, I thought so until I read the small print.


Yes, and they also believe they are buying a “NEW” item, this is not the case many times over.


And what is your point??? We are talking about shipping, not product condition. Would you like to buy a New Product form me? It will ship out Monday. Thank you


You mean I haven’t already won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes???


None of this is noticed by the buyer is the point.


Not doubting your credibility, however its a joke on here trying to get an actual “NEW” item that did not come from the discount shelves at a retail store or from liquidation stock.


I really do not wish to argue with you, the point I was trying to make is 2 day shipping is a fallacy. You think your purchase will arrive in 2 days, but it doe’s not, especially during the holidays.


We are a mom and pop company and will not send our items in for Prime We want to be sure our items are shipped within 24 hours and get to our customers quickly.
I too have ordered many items on Amazon ad have had quite a few (65%) that were not the right item
So everyone realize, other sellers whoo are not Prime can offer better service and Better prices!
Gave a great day
Shop and Gather


I buy Direct from Name brand suppliers, that’s why I am here as long as you.


That is very upsetting, what is worse getting a “USED as NEW” item or a late item. Both are pretty bad, it does not seem to have slowed them down too much. I will say amazon’s #1 competitor is doing a better job.

Both of the major industrial supply houses will have it here the next day without an upcharge or “subscription fee” and its always new. Both of those companies do it for FREE… One is so good if I order by 8PM it will be here by 10AM the NEXT day. This is due to the fact they know what they are doing. As in a true retailer that has their company optimized for customer satisfaction.


That’s how it was here years ago. I myself ship all orders within 18hrs after receiving. I believe people order online for convenience and speed. That is what I expect when I order online.


Amazon Logistics keeps delivering to addresses that aren’t ours.
I sure hope this isn’t happening everywhere. :flushed:

Talking to FedEx drivers who applied to Amazon Logistics all said they were told they are overqualified!!


I foresee a lot of sad Holiday Recipients!!!


No, you did not win I DID!!!:grinning: