It's Official, No More Cheap Shipping For Chinese Sellers


Not exactly Charlie, about a year ago, many Chinese have been using other ship from facilities, so that when it’s entered into Customs, it can be Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Israel, EU, or even within the multitude of US drop ship facilities. On the surface your correct with regards to the UPU

You need to realize that China has inroads to all of Africa, Canada, Mexico, all of South America, India and here in the US, the majority of sellers are also purchasing from China one way or another.

Just yesterday Chinese Guns (Assault Weapons) were discovered to be imported in Los Angeles, you need to factor that they have been imported many times over, gaining confidence that truck loads of guns would safely arrive to it’s destination. All the major shipping containers, vessels are owned by China, and those that previously were owned by the British, were sold to them. You tell me which Shipping Vessels are owned by the US?

So yes, let me live in my dreams and swallow the news as it suits me.


So much misinformation here.

The UPU doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with e-packet rates.

The UPU issue is one where the US feels China should no longer get their terminal dues subsidized as they are no longer “developing.”

E-packet is a different bilateral agreement between US and China SPECIFICALLY, not governed by the UPU.




While that’s great and all, but the most professional currency manipulators in the entire world for so many years; the Chinese already figured this was coming long before it happened.

Hence the massive amounts of goods, by massive amounts of Chinese sellers being shipped directly into amazon fulfillment centers and sold for pennies on the profit.


So how do we get the legislators to enact laws that prohibit sellers from other countries that aren’t paying taxes in USA and do not have registered business in US with EIN? Chinese sellers come to our turf and steal our business. Do we need to start a protest or something to keep the Chinese sellers out of our turf in US because they are making tough for US sellers who are contributing to our society in taxes and the Chinese companies are getting tax free rides because they don’t live here. Or am I missing something here…


Send a letter to your president! I have numerous times!

The US govt missing out on billions of tax money with these Chinese sellers on our turf.


Yes! No More $1 items with free shipping from China selling at the EBAY.The biggest hit is Ebay.


Sometimes you have to squeeze an extra day in to get it done.


The gate was opened by Amazon through its FBA and global selling system. They have rules for US sellers but rarely enforce those rules to sellers from other countries. We have to press law makers to change the situation.


Outside of Amazon, we ought to be able to do something to bring this to our legislators’ attention or better President Trump since he loves China so much :grinning:

On serious note - how do we start this to make sure it’s effective?


I happen to think that good for US sellers!


This is bad for US importers, but won’t affect Chinese based vendors. China reimburses Chinese companies for their shipping costs because the Chinese government is part owners with all Chinese based companies.


I hope it is true. However, Amazon and eBay promised to give them warehouse and storage in the US.


Anybody knows how to get this to President Trump’s desk? This’ll be the best approach and in long run I can only imagine US to benefit from stopping companies outside of US selling their goods in US unless they are registered and paying income tax before it gets out of this country,


Yes become a supporter and donate to his campaign, then you’ll have all the links and contacts you need to put messages in front of his committee and ultimately, maybe on his desk or in an advisers email.


Send emails to his campaign? Or speak to him directly at one of his rallies? :wink:


Wrong epacket was for small packages only. Should not affect DHL and ocean shipping. This is great news!


+1 :smile:


Hi Left Coast Books - If I remember correctly didn’t sellers have to apply ( I think on Abe ) to sell products to Germany. Due to their packaging laws now. I know on Abe you had to agree to the contract that you either had an account with Germany or didn’t. I forget all the details. Since I didn’t have an account and I only sell the odd book to Germany I wasn’t worried and didn’t pay much attention.
I don’t know about Holland, but Germany has been making new international trade laws.
Thanks. Don
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When you’re down 68% from previous year, and 50% down ordered items; you can tell the Chinese moved in this marketplace in massive amounts and is swallowing up a good percentage of all sales on the US platform; with their low low low prices and black-hat tactics.

It’s almost time to evacuate after almost 10 years here. Sadly. This platform has been really great to us, these days its hard to compete with low low prices.