Item Type keyword listing error


Near the beginning of this month something changed internally within Amazon which cause our sales to unexpectedly change. We have been here for years and have very consistent sales patterns so it is easy for me to tell when something like this happens.

We have still been getting sales but nothing compared to what we were previously doing. It looks like the “Category Item Type” or “Item Type Keyword” is showing as missing when I check the help section of seller central.

I have tried changing this manually within Seller Central and am having a hard time getting this error to go away. I called SS and they allowed me to download Category Listings Report to check my listings.

I’m not really sure what I need to change this to fix the issue so that I don’t receive the error any more. I’m thinking maybe the category of the original listing is no longer available? Please help, I’ve searched forums and tried to find solutions to this but have not had any luck as of now.

Thank you!


I am currently dealing with this too. I have hundreds of stranded inventory. When I check them they all say they are missing the “Item Type Keyword” and that’s why they’re being suppressed. I had this happen to me back in June as well and the items were eventually counted.

However I have inventory showing up on Amazon’s listing pages for sale, but my manage inventory says active with 0 in stock (nothing pending or reserved either).

I sell all FBA and I have never had this issue in the past. I have listed manually for years, until this year when I started using Scanlister, then the problems began. Contacting Scanlister, they told me this was an issue many other sellers were facing.

The batches of items this happened to were eventually listed for sale but they still show as active with 0 quantity in stock and they are showing up for sale on Amazon. Obviously, something is messed up on Amazon’s end.