Item not received, buyer files chargeback instead of A-Z claim


I used “buy shipping” and package was initially scanned on time. But there were no more scans after the first.

Buyer messaged me about item not received. I told buyer to file A-Z claim twice, but buyer filed credit card chargeback instead.

Would Amazon cover the loss from this chargeback?


We are dealing with the same issue. Just submitted our defense with tracking and link to Amazon Buy Shipping coverage. We will see.


if you bought the shipping label from amazon, in theory they should cover you. but i can’t say for certain.


We are dealling now with one… customer said not received, tracking shows delivered 11/19, she emailed me, I advised her to call Amazon to get refund via A-Z since it was Amazon shipping service delivery…she called Amazon customer service to file A-Z and they just messaged our company again (4th email since all started) and advised that the customer wants US to refund. They did not file an A-Z for her and she is still unhappy as they did not refund and now I am facing potential negative feedback and loss of repeat customer… Vicious circle…