Item listed in inventory not on product page


this item is in my inventory listed as active but is not showing up on product page BOOO86AF6U - item is a valuable one and i am not listed as a seller - please advise


I sought BOOO86AF6U from main search box, using laptop/Chrome, and found no product page at all. A mystery.


In my experience, most non-ISBN ASIN’s seem to usually begin with “B0” rather than “BO” - may I ask if you can copy & paste the ASIN, as shown on your MYI (‘Amazonese’ for “Manage Inventory”) Dashboard?

May I also ask if your Offer upon the Amazon Catalog Listing ASIN in question is for the same item (a book) that’s shown for the ASIN linked below?


B00086AF6U yes it is the same book and it is the same asin on my myi


B00086AF6U is the correct asin


I had an idea that B00086AF6U might be the actual ASIN shown on your MYI Dashboard, so I searched for that from the US Marketplace’s Catalog Home page, using the “All” filter, and the sole result was the PDP which I linked upthread, which is for ASIN B007T13GN6.

You should be able to see that for yourself with the same search parameters, which should direct to the URL

The fact that this is the case suggests that Amazon’s systems recognize the correlation between these two ASINs.

The fact that the latter ASIN (B007T13GN6) is likely at least mainly suppressed from ‘standard’ searches by the A9 Search Algorithm due to the absence of a Main Image may well go far in explaining why the Amazon Catalog Listing ASIN upon which you’re attempting to make an active Offer, B00086AF6U, is also apparently being suppressed, mayhaps especially so in light of the aforesaid correlation.


Will B007T13GN6 work for you if you pop a photo and description in?


Probably not helped by the Unknown Binding either.