Item didn't meet customers expectation


Just seeking advice for this situation. Buyer contacted Amazon support and stated the order didn’t meet expectation

Support has asked the seller to contact the Buyer.

Is it worthwhile contacting the buyer seeking more information on their expectations?

Or just refund and give the customer a free product and minimise possible claim or negative feedback.

The item is a low priced item so I’m considering to bite the bullet here. The item has sold loads and never had any problems prior.


i would email them a return label (not always - depends on the item) and would message them that a full refund will be processed upon return in original shape.

a lot of cases buyer do not return - they contacted amazon on first place for the same reason. They expected amazon will refund them and they could keep the product.


You are entitled to get the item back before you issue a refund.

If you do not want the item back, you are allowed to issue a refund and let the buyer keep the item.

I would probably try send a message to the customer and find out what they did not like about the product, it may help you do something to the ASIN to help customers in the future when they are deciding if they want to buy your item or not. If they give you useful information, it can help you make the decision on what to do about their order.


This is a decision you have to make.
Nobody here can make the decision for you.
You will likely get opinions for refunding and for not refunding here.
(myself for a cheap item I would just refund and avoid any problems)


I send them a message like below (adjusted for the product).

+Dear buyer,+

+We are sorry that the item you purchased are not what you were expecting. We are happy to accept your return for any reason. We will refund your purchase price, in accordance with Amazon policy, upon safe receipt of the new, unopened products.+

+Please pack carefully in the same manner as the item was sent to you. If you re-use our packaging please be certain to cover the original shipping label completely to avoid any delivery issues+

+We have checked the listings and we are not finding anywhere that the description is not accurate? We certainly don’t want to confuse future buyers so, if we are missing something, please let us know.+

+Here is a copy of the description for your convenience:+

+• xxxx+
+• Size:xxxx+
+• Brass with silver plating+
+• Package of 200+

+Again, we are sorry that your purchase did not work for you. We shall be on the look-out for your return.+



That’s a good approach. I assume the buyer didn’t contact the seller and went direct to Amazon for a free item to keep.
Happy seller support didn’t just throw my hard earned money to the buyer immediately and gave me a chance to work on it.


+“We will refund your purchase price, in accordance with Amazon policy, upon safe receipt of the new, unopened products.”+


You have to authorize a refund. Period. New Unopened is NOT an Amazon requirement.


If the customer’s expectations were not met but the item is as described then allow the customer to return they item on their dime. No need to refund without receiving a return.


Did not meet expectations does not equate to damaged or faulty. This is a discretionary return and as such you can charge a restocking fee of 20% and keep shipping. I always ask for the product back. Even if it costs me a bit for each item returned but in the long run it costs less than automatically refunding every item since most of the time buyers decide to keep the item and I apply a courtesy refund to ensure I break even on the transaction while giving them something back. However if they want a full refund less restocking fee I tell the to send it back. Almost every item returned is donated for a tax deduction or given away to friends and neighbors.


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Definitely reply to the buyer in a very respectful (blooming with customer service) manner. You can get very valuable information that may head off future problems down the road. It may cause you to buff your description a bit or add/change an image to eliminate the the “expectation” issue in the future with other customers.

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This is a discretionary return.
I would authorize a return and charge a restocking fee or either 20% or 50% depending on the condition of the item when returned.
If the item is a low value item or your account cannot withstand and A-Z, then you may wish to consider refunding total price.


Make them return. Could be a buyer fishing hoping for you to do just what you are thinking in refunding.


Please DO NOT refund without a return of the item. This behavior is creating self-entitled scammers that know how to get an item for free. It ruins it for the rest of us that follow policy and get returns for a refund. Provide a label.


I always ask for the item back to too many scammers out there nowadays if it was really my fault a hundred percent refund no questions asked if it’s a discretionary return then I do charge 20% restocking fee and I do not pay the return shipping it’s the only the way to keep the scammers at bay


I understand your point of view and talk to me 12 months ago and I agree. Now I work on the basis the customer is always right and the seller is wrong I’m all circumstances. I have taken this approach to avoid ODR hits and possible suspensions, it does cost a bit but that what I feel it takes to survive. Scammers are always going to exploit such a buyer friendly marketplace.


That’s certainly true of most products, but not +all+. Televisions not shipped with Enhanced Delivery and Breast pumps must be new & unopened, for example, as shown in both of the known iterations of the Customer-facing Help Content’s “About Our Returns Policies” page:

New BMVD products must also be returned in their original condition, and sellers can refuse to accept returns of Software not in original condition unless defective, as stated on the Seller Help Content’s “Returns” page:

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