It can't get any worse, Blackmail, Extortion NO help from Amazon


I can read your post just fine and you are right amazon doesn’t care about the seller


Yes I am saying that, but you misinterpret. I said they can leave any feedback, not that they should.


This is not that difficult. Ever heard of rounding? It was taught in school. Evidently the OP has rounded up his years on EBAY to 30.


Thats part and parcel for amazon. I had a guy contact me outside amazon on my business website and offer to give positive reviews if i gave him a discount on my shirts. After I said I only like honest reviews and wouldnt do it, he informed me that he had purchased my shirts before on amazon and threatened to leave a negative review, which he did. Opened a case, gave amazon all the emails. amazon agreed it was extortion, I won the case, yet the review remains. As people have said so many times before, amazon does not care. There are countless stories like these.


In case you didn’t notice for all of these years…AM is here to help buyers, NOT sellers and they prove it over and over again every stinking day


I am sorry, but I bout busted my gut when I read this. You have been selling on Amazon for over 12 years and this is the first scammer you have come across that you could not beat? And you have sold 100s of these $22 batteries?

Go smoke a bowl and let this go. You must have one of THE most fraud-free product offerings on Amazon. I would LOVE to have your problems!

You hired a lawyer for this? Seriously?

I’m dying.


I’m noticing more and more that Amazon customers are spoiled P.I.T.A’s. Probably because Amazon has made them this way. Amazon is really working wonders on society.


I would not put it that way, the entitled ones have been raised that way since parents did all the coddling and protecting. Now the youth think every thing should be easy for them. Hire some young ones who think all they have to do is show up and play on their phones and get paid for doing such. Amazing how our civilization has fallen from the can do to the can’t and won’t do.


Best forum advice all day


I have figured out that there is almost 0 chance to remove any reviews once denied automatically by Amazon system. I would not waste any time on this issue. If this is the first negative review in 12 years selling on Amazon, it would not hurt your business. I would say get over it and move on.


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Sorry I do not smoke bowls , That is old School, Try smoking medical marijuana threw a vape. Way better


Too many cases from the vape.


That was Caused by Vitamin E in the lungs. All 26 people who died had 1 thing in common Vitamin E in the lungs


I don’t believe that :wink:

I can easily believe that :blush:

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Based upon a thorough reading of your posts to this thread, Frank, I have no doubt that you’re determined to remain on the side of the angels here.

While a misapprehension upon your part that my previous posts indicate that I myself side with those of us in our Seller Community, who have upthread called your intentions into question - based, apparently, merely upon having deemed that having 2+ decades of experience in this or that endeavor does not excuse a perception that equating such a long provenance with a third decade being on the plate is an unfounded assertion - is likely more-attributable to my own lack of talent in making this or that position abundantly clear to the fabled Most-Casual of Observers than it is to your own lights, please rest assured that I do not think you’re “dirty” here - perhaps a tad bit ill-informed concerning particulars, I would admit, but certainly not “dirty.”

You and me both, brother! :wink:

That’s What She Said… :grin:


The issue here that in 12 years on Amazon and over 20 on ebay they received only 2169 feedbacks on ebay and 131 on Amazon.

Basically that means that sales are close to zero.

of course every negative feedback would be tragedy.


As I have now stated twice, there were not when the thread was started and the poster went back and edited the post after my suggestions.


Definition of recruit

(Entry 1 of 2)

transitive verb

1a(1) : to fill up the number of with new members : REINFORCErecruit an army

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Be shear definition your right Amazon does “recruit” people to sell here, however this is your way of saying Amazon is making your sign on the dotted line that ludicrous. I mean its like saying recruiters in the Army actually go out and make people sign on the dotted line…Stop LOL! No one approaches you like in College Fottball from ebay and says:

“We see your selling well on eBay and we think you should bring your talents to Amazon”

Please stop, anyone looking to sell on Amazon has the intention to commit to it.

Just like the military (Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served, bleed and died for the freedoms we enjoy daily. I would not be an Amazon seller or enjoy this privilege to do this without your service. Thank you!) sets up recruitment offices in the mall or in high foot traffic areas. They don’t recruit like Colleges do they recruit cause most people come to them. Amazon is no different. Of course the advertise you can sell here, eBay does the same. That however doesn’t mean they approach people to sell here.

Maybe the word recruit was a poor choice in that context but the bottom line is no one forced your to sign up to sell here and when you did you accepted the terms and conditions of the ABSA. I dont mind being corrected cause your right @cmk_27 Amazon does indeed recruit new sellers, but that was really not the gist of the OP I made and I think you know that.

However I give credit where credit is due. Touche’ my friend, touche’ indeed

It’s Amazon. Adapt or die


not true. I have almost 400 amazon sales and 6 feedbacks. to show for it. years ago, I had an eBay store with about 2700 feedback responses, but over 10000 individual transactions that year.

number of feedback responses doesn’t seem to correlate with the number of sales.

Frankly, I get very little response on my troll-meter from the OP. Lots of people indeed have been poopy with an OP that is frustrated with a situation. How? People are referencing immaterial tidbits not relevant to the subject.

-cant read your post (Im sorry, literacy improves with practice)
-30 years on eBay (if I was worked up, I would have rounded the number as well, instead of stopping to finger-count the years backward to some mental landmark in my memory to place my first year on ebay. Unless the topic was relevant to how long they’ve been selling, the number is immaterial and only used to support the fact the op is not a newbie and indeed has some experience interacting with both legitimate buyers and scammers, including that fuzzy line in between the two)
-op hired a lawyer over a $22 battery (who said they hired a lawyer? OP may have a spouse or brother or distant cousin that is an attorney and it only cost them a half-rack of beer)
-op only has xx feedback on eBay and amazon. must mean zero sales (absolutely not true…as stated, in 2+ months, I’ve had 6 feedbacks in 400 sales. Using the same ratio as mine, op may have around 2646 +/- number of sales for amazon and certainly a boatload more on ebay.

this is not a Senate confirmation hearing. it is not testimony to be picked apart to test the solidity of OP’s verbiage, metaphors, examples, to correctly imprint his point in a readers mind. People simply got stuck on 30 years on ebay like it was something shiny that caught their attention. Nevermind the initial situation at hand.

Civilities can be bandied all day long yet nothing be accomplished. Did op err in their choice of resolution? According to the buyers response, who is the only one wielding the Feedback hammer with the power to decide whether or not it was, it appears so. Was it “right” of them? Who knows…havent found a worthy Opinion hammer than could dent a marshmallow.
Besides, it’s subjective anyways because its coming from people who came along, picked up that hammer and used it to whack the op in the head, only adding insult to injury.

(ducking rocks, but nothing new)


You are correct, I have had sales in 6 figures for the last 6 years on Amazon, I did not want to post that because there is a pot stirrer on here that seams to be looking into my business more than he should. It is like when someone posts here but only has less than 5 likes with over 100’s of posts.
I have Thousands of orders and low feedback on Amazon, Same figures on eBay but there people leave feedback mainly because they receive feedback on Ebay so they get something in return, I sometimes add free gifts mainly Balsa planes on larger orders and they still do not leave FB. And yes the Lawyer did not cost me anything Related