Issue with viewing MWS credentials


A few months ago, I put my MWS info into Excel to be able to update my inventory without having to use the website. I can just upload straight from excel. Now, however, I can’t view the credentials anymore. I’m trying to set up ShipStation with my Seller account. Before, I could find the MWS credentials in the settings and now they’re gone. And when I try to register for MWS again, it says I have an invalid account type. I don’t understand why this is happening. The most puzzling thing is that I can still upload my inventory through Excel.


Using Seller Central and having MWS credentials are two different things.


I realize that, but what’s confusing me is that I had the credentials set up already, and now they’re gone. I wasn’t alerted. Also, I can’t set them up again.


You don’t need MWS credentials to use Shipstation, or other 3rd party software that uses an auth token. You do need a professional account.

If you still have MWS credentials, they can now be found at


If you haven’t used your credentials within the last 90 days, they get deactivated (and maybe deleted?) and you have to apply again.

The application process has been changed and made more strict and complex. Those who had credentials had to go through the new application process to continue to qualify. If you lost your credentials, you can get the credentials again if you meet the requirements.

You can read more about it here:

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