Is Vine Program worth it?


We received an invitation for Vine program. We are new to this. Considering fees of $1000 per sku, is it worth it in your opinion?

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I am sure that depends on what you are selling and what your profit margin is.
Nobody here can answer this for you as this would be a business decision for your own business.
For some it may be well worth the cost but I suspect that for most it is NOT.


Have you tried to negotiate the price?


It seems just decided to kick out an indeterminate amount of vine reviewers, without notice, starting yesterday. Lots of them.
They didn’t email anyone.
Viners discovered this because they were unable to log into there product ques.
Previous to this Amazon has been removing all the reviews and reviewing privileges of people who did not disclose that the items they reviewed were received at no or incidental cost.
This new reviewer termination is something different. It seems completely random and not related to quality of reviews or length of participation.
Because of the stink raised and possible credibility problems created from the paid reviews changed their vine program and no longer technically requires that products be reviewed.
Now they kicked a lot of reviewers out, who all have products in their possession or on the way, that won’t be reviewed.
What kind of guarantee is giving you that you will in fact receive reviews?
I wonder what kind of plan they have to compensate the merchants who just had a ton of products dropped into a black hole.

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