Is This Insert TOS Compliant?


Hi Everyone,

We are a small time Amazon seller and are planning on adding hand written notes to each of our packages. We are the manufacturer - the note will be sealed inside the package. I’ve studied the amazon insert TOS, but would love to know from the veterans here if this not looks within TOS. I’m in the supplement space, so I’m sure competitors are buying the product and would love to report it if its not.


Thank you so much for giving our brand a chance! We’re excited for you to join the XXX family :slight_smile:

Your orders and reviews matter more than you can imagine!


Thank you for your help!

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Review Request

You should never mention reviews.
I think that all these notes are a bad idea, 99.9% of the notes will be thrown or ignored, the 0.01% that is kept isn’t worth the time or effort.
Personally I avoid anything that makes me doubt if I’m braking TOS of anything. There simply isn’t enough risk/reward, or even ROI for the time spent on the notes.


Feels like an Etsy move.

This is Amazon’s customers, not yours.

Are you in the handmade category?


Etsy move or not - a handmade note may make some customers happy. Even if its 1%, I’m happy with that. I’m in the supplements space.


They’re not your customers though.

Amazon does not want sellers having interactions, with their customers.

Include an awesome decal, with no mention of it in the listing.


So you’re saying don’t use any inserts at all for any products what so ever? This sounds contrary to most of the things I’ve read on here.


I’m sorry to say that you have been reading the wrong threads, I definitely recommend that you reconsider.
As @AZEthos has indicated multiple times, your customer is Amazon (that’s who you invoice) the buyer is Amazon’s customer. They will not say that they bought from you, they will say that they bought XXX (your product) from Amazon, but from Amazon not from you.
Amazon specifically indicates that there shouldn’t be any form of communication between seller and buyer unless it is through the messenger system. And preferably always initiated by the buyer, not the seller. The buyer doesn’t want to be annoyed or guilted into thinking of the distant seller. If they did, they wouldn’t be buying on Amazon.
To get reviews use better than average packaging, ship faster than expected, sell great products. You can send the messages that way, the customer will appreciate it more than a hand written note, and what’s more, will probably buy again.
Hand written notes may have worked 20 years ago when we as society didn’t receive online deliveries at a daily rate. Today it is too common to be something special, even when we the sellers are happy with every order.


I would avoid inserts and additional materials entirely (excluding Amazon generated packing slip(s)).


Although it’s a bit tacky (sorry), there is nothing against the TOS and is permissible.

Get rid of the smilie face and consider something along these lines instead:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your purchase. We are delighted to have you aboard.

When you have a moment, please let us know how we are doing, by leaving a product review and seller feedback.



I think a handwritten note like this might actually be communicating the wrong things to your customers. You want to tell them that you are a little guy that appreciates their business, but do people really want to be buying something almost medicinal like supplements from a little guy or from some sophisticated factory?

I don’t know the supplements category at all, but I have seen big brands successfully portray themselves as folksy in the grocery and body care spaces. But in those categories smaller is seen as better, offering higher quality, more care in preparation, etc. Is this the same for your category?

To put it another way, do you know why customers are buying your supplements over the competition?


That is actually a very interesting take. I’ll have to think of whether or not it would be beneficial at all from a customer standpoint.


This is what we use. We stamp this on all packing slips.


It’s short and sweet, direct and to the point, without burdening the customer with extraneous inserts and text. :wink:


We prefer the text that states:

If you are not completely satisfied, you are wrong.


If I theoretically, were considering an insert or other message it would be something like this. “Thank you for your purchase, we hope that our product and service have exceeded your expectations. Caveat emptor. Your review and feedback is always welcome.”


Messaged SS and asked if my exact text was Amazon compliant. They confirmed in writing it is. Still always a chance of being banned - but at least I have proof I was told by Amazon that my exact insert is within TOS. @VTR @AZEthos @TallyTony


Nobody here claims to preach the gospel or absolute truth. And nobody here wishes you ill or miss fortune. All sellers benefit from a strong marketplace and Amazon can only be as good and strong as its sellers. I honestly wish you the best success, sales and reviews.
With that said, I trust the tap water from my third-world home country more than Amazon’s Seller Support answers.
Again, all you will get here is advice and interpretation from other sellers. But even if it just for liabilities I would never tell anybody else in the forum that “this is what you should do”


The last line about orders and reviews is fine.

Maybe just me – but that statement “We’re excited for you to join the XXX family” would be extremely off-putting. Extremely.


Well this alone is a red flag

Their word in this case means less than nothing


It doesn’t take a very deep forum search to locate posts that state Seller Support said something that was less than accurate. And policy compliance, is not what Seller Support was ever intended to function as.

I refer you to Expectations for shipping buyer orders specifically;

Fulfill buyer orders only with product(s) described in the product detail page. Inclusion of any additional items or products not described in the product detail page is prohibited and may lead to deactivation of your Seller account.
Do not include any marketing or promotional materials with packing materials.

Of course, it is your business, and you get to make the ultimate decision, I’m sticking with my previous recommendation and practice.

In my opinion, I can see almost no potential upside to your insert, the effectiveness of these gimmicks is questionable. The potential downside draconian. Risk and reward. Do whatever you want.


All very fair points. 100% a risk reward scenario.

For those saying it doesn’t add upside, I’d like you to look up the reviews for ASIN B07G4ZG7L4 - over 50% of the reviews mention the hand written card.

All that being said, 100% see that it is a risk even though it is 100% within TOS / confirmed by SS to be ok.