Is this even aloud (or a good idea!)


Looks like it was blocked? Comes up to a dog page :partying_face:


Who needs proper spelling and grammar? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Tehse wrods may look lkie nosnesne, but yuo can raed tehm, cna’t yuo?

Some say (but not always the case):

It deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.



I mean it was only ONE misspelled word and we all knew what the OP meant.


I realize that. I was responding to someone who took another to task for trying to gently clue you in. I am a terrible speller and I know it. I have for years automatically misspell words in the same way. I know how to spell the word ‘waist’ but if I am typing to fast and not focusing on each word it comes out ‘wasit’. Bad thing since I sell sewing patterns and have had to spell it literally thousands of times for pattern descriptions! For most of them, it gets spelled incorrectly. I am dyslexic. I have problems telling my left from my right without looking at my hands. I’m 64 I should have grown out of that 60 years ago. I have a horrible time doing anything in reverse, like backing up a car or trying to parallel park, or back when I used to set my hair I had trouble doing anything in front of a mirror. The amazing thing I never knew this until I had already graduated from college. So I know very much what a struggle it can be. Especially as I have a mom with near-perfect spelling and a son that took after her! He is autistic but has been correctly my spelling since he learned to read! Probably why people who most likely have no learning disabilities just blow off their writing errors as no big thing. But it is a big deal if you want to be taken as a professional. I’m not saying this about you. I was only defending one of the helpful posters on this forum who was being taken to task when she wasn’t making fun of you as many did. I apologize if I offended you as it certainly wasn’t intentional.


Government schools / Teacher unions / No school choice = Doom


Just to set the record straight.

I don’t often correct such mistakes.

But if I had created a thread title with such a blunder, I would be deeply embarrassed. And – to the best of my knowledge there is no edit expiration for thread titles.

At any rate, I have seen threads that have undergone a title change after a couple of days.

I thought I was giving you a chance to correct.


I’ll stand by my record.

I am a helper, not a rock thrower. (Besides which I’ve never, ever hit anything I aimed at.)


But it is the place, Have y’all read about the Amazon’s Dogs?

I’m certainly glad we (y’all) found a solution to this question, Have a great weekend. I’m off for tonight.


This is a violation of Amazon’s policies…you cannot use their name or stock symbol as your own store name that clearly misleads the public by doing that


Since you requested it…this collection of words requires a period, not a comma:

The right place to place a comma is a toughie for me. Feel free to correct me at every wince.

Or, with a comma, it could read:

The right place to place a comma is a toughie for me, so feel free to correct me at every wince.

Remember, you asked! :wink:


And received.
A like
For the smile


Thank you, comp has always been my weakest subject. You already have two hearts. :slight_smile:


Once again, I have been flagged by the bot. :rage:
I used no profanity, wasn’t abusive, no politics, no solicitations, yada yada yada.
Maybe I’m on a watch list now…


To be fair, what Discourse considers profane extends beyond what most would agree actually is - for instance, using the phrase ‘ham-f!sted’ in its proper spelling will automatically be flagged (as I found to be the case not long after the switch from the old Jive hosting platform 23 months ago); many words have coarse and/or vulgar iterations/uses in slang and/or ‘internet speak’, & Discourse is programmed to prevent trods along that path.

I suspect that there’s a better chance that some word or phrase that you used in that post, which is in actuality relatively innocuous, is being interpreted incorrectly by the gatekeeping mechanism(s) - an erring on the side of caution, so to speak - than there is that you’re on a watch list.


That’s likely true and I was being facetious, though somewhat angrily.
I keep forgetting to pre-type my replies and proof read them, which really shouldn’t be necessary. And it didn’t flag b ! t c h…
I can’t believe you’re not being flagged for typing Jive. :wink:
I’m beginning to detest this platform.


Well, detest is a little strong.

But I still say a nasty word once every twenty-four hours when I get thanked for “sharing the love”.


Well, detest is a little strong.

I have to say I do detest it (and then some) every time the moronic software prevents one of my posts from going through because it (supposedly) requires Mod review.

I also detest it when it wipes out my necessary quotation of a prior poster’s comment, just because that short comment happens to constitute a ‘full quote’ of the message in question.

When grown-up people have to resort to manually substituting a random character inside a perfectly-acceptable word, or remember to add or remove a period at the end of a quoted post just to trick the stupid software into allowing it to go through, one could argue that ‘detest’ isn’t strong enough. :angry:


Wow. What a horrible picture painted of what can be a beautiful commitment between 2 loving human beings that lasts a lifetime. Perhaps what is missing in this day and age is the commitment part–or maybe the problem is the mistaken assumption that physical attraction constitutes the whole of what’s known as ‘love’.
Well beyond 40 years together, better than ever and definitely not living under a bridge, in a cardboard box or even in a van down by the river. :two_hearts:

As for old age, it certainly has its challenges. But having someone with whom to share this difficult part of life is an unexpected bonus. When the synapses begin misfiring (or not firing at all), having 2 brains between you can form 1 usable brain. And, with the right attitudes, it can be fun and entertaining–especially with teens and young adults around. :wink: It is possible to become adept at making them think you are further ‘gone’ than you actually are, which makes for some very good laughs. :joy:

Or calculating what it would take to eat you for dinner… :smile_cat:



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