Is this even aloud (or a good idea!)


Hahaha! Same here! I got a black and white dog.


Auto spell checker is a butch! lol…lol…


You were saying?


Why do you care? Amazon will get to them soon enough anyway.


Ok well spelling not being the issue “there” back should be they’re.





Is this aloud?


The word you are looking for is allowed .

Attitude In Seller Forums

Far as I am concerned the ones with a bad attitude are the ones who only throw rocks at the helpers and have never bothered to help anyone EVER.

You were saying?

To make your point you might have quoted the whole thing that they said not just part of it. She was not laughing at the OP, but gently and kindly showed her an error. While too many sellers think it isn’t in the least important, trying to have your spelling and grammar to be the best possible make you look more professional to your buyers and to your colleagues, who are the forum members here. Trying to be sure your post are comprehensible is a way to help people understand and be able to help you.


They have never actually left; our friends who are reaching Dog Pages are doing so because of an idiosyncrasy of the Discourse platform software that hosts these fora wreak havoc with the URLs that you’ve posted. Their Seller Profile is here:

I constructed the URL above by extracting the Merchant ID from your original link, then appending it after the ‘=’ sign in the “raw” Seller Profile URL, ; if I simply paste that URL at the beginning of a line in these fora, the software will bollix the link, as seen here where I did exactly that:

However, if I place that URL in any line position other than the very first one - e.g., if I add it to the middle of this sentence: - then the software does not try to ‘frame’ it as with the broken link above, and the URL will not go to the dogs.

I accomplished the working URL posted between the first & second ¶'s above simply by adding a leading space before posting it.



Gawd. The people on here who cannot spell simple words. Our school system must really suck. It’s sad.


Do waht? I onyl see dog paeges…

Wahts that red line under my mispelled word therefore?


Nail, meet hammer.

Sadder still - we have none to blame but ourselves for such a sorry state of affairs.


Exactly what I was thinking. Wow…lol


If you click on @Dogtamer link you see the proper page minus the dogs…

ironic @dogtamer removes the dogs from the page :joy:




I love me some pups - but there’s a time and a place for everything, and the Amazon Catalog ain’t the





Thank you.


Hit the Books calmly repeats in own head:

I will refrain from saying anything about comma splices.
I will refrain from saying anything about comma splices.
I will refrain from saying anything about comma splices.



I’m happy for Charley and worry on why you’ve grown so callous SoCalminions. And how in the world did this topic go so wong? :slight_smile: All too often happens when a topic post makes the selection bar. Sad


Well Uncle Charlie , I’m glud me red ur post…was abut to yell at de guy!
(Sorry, I tried to replicate or even approach that kind of spelling, I’m just not very good at it! < grin >
I have alienated most of my family with the constant corrections…English is my second language and I love it dearly, cannot abide bad spelling! I realize that there are more important things in life than punctuation or syntax ( like your lady ) but I suffer when I see such egregious misuse!
Just gave you some like because you’re a better man than I! :slight_smile:


Absolutely, but the post wasn’t “help me with my spelling”.