Is this "Amazon Global Logistics" service a scam?


I’m trying to find more information on “Amazon Global Logistics”. They claim to handle the logistics from factory directly to FBA warehouse. Although I do have a connection who claims to currently use them, I am extremely suspicious of their credibility. I can find absolutely zero information on this service.


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I appreciate any insight on the matter


I believe you will find some insight to inform your decision as to whether AGL and the GSS (“Global Shipping Service”) Freight Program suit your needs from our friend @Polyte’s posts in our friend @Past_Life_Vintage’s 29Apr20 thread on the subject here:

Amazon has been ramping up AGL for several years past, going so far as to secure air- and water-borne craft that now sport the ubiquitous Smile Logo, as well as acquiring companies that can supply the needed administrative infrastructure; USA Today’s Elizabeth Weise wrote a brief but informative article on this, for its Money section back in early 2019, titled “Amazon pushing hard into ocean shipping, making it easier for Chinese goods to get to you” - and various media outlets have spilt no little ink on the subject both before and since that still-available article was published.

The Seller Help Content’s ‘index’ page for the GSS Freight Program, Global Shipping Services (link), as well as related pages in that same sub-tree of the SHC’s ‘Amazon Global Selling’ section, are all also useful in making a informed decision as to whether it is wise for one to participate.

I would suggest that it greatly behooves one to fully digest all of the implications of the ‘TOS’ page for GSS Freight, Global Shipping Services Freight Terms and related Program Policies (link) - such as the need to factor in the expenditure of an annually-renewable Customs Bond that our friend @ConcernedSellers astutely points out in Past Life Vintage’s aforementioned thread - even if doing so requires resorting to hiring the help of a reputable professional expert in the Import/Export field.