Is there a way to dispose Sellable returns?


I would like to know if there is an option in Seller Central that allows me to dispose of any returned FBA order even if the warehouse think it is Sellable.

I just want to dispose of any customers returns before they put it back to inventory for resell, i heard that we can enable this feature somewhere but i couldn’t find it. Please help

Thank you!


What that means is that Amazon plucks something out & puts it up for sale, or it goes on a pallet for liquidation…

You’re probably just want to have everything that’s return sent back to you… That’s the best way to protect yourself and your brand if you have one?


If you are FBA , just request all returns are returned to you. Also Make your return address YOURS.


That’s the question! how can i do that ? when i contacted support about this topic they told me that the FBA warehouse have to check the returned item if they think it is Sellable they put it back for sell, but i just want them to not put any returns back for sell.

Can you please guide me on where i can enable this on Seller Central ?


Settings - Return Address on the menu


Thank you, i already have my address set up there but how can i make the returned Sellable units to me or even dispose of them ?


You have to go into your account settings, Returns, and make sure returns are returned to you, not put back in inventory


Thanks for your reply, i went where you told me but there is no option i can change from Back to inventory to Return to me.
Could it be that i may have an older version on Seller Central that doesn’t this feature yet ?