Is there a VA that will help with setting up my account?


Hello Sellers, Can you recommend a VA that will setup my account? Thanks


Goto Google. Search “Hire a Virtual Assistant” or “Virtual Assistant Services”. Then contact those services or marketplaces that offer VA’s. It’s kind of like hiring an actual employee in many ways. But, with that said, if you expect to hire someone that knows more than you, then using a VA is probably not the best choice. You’re better off learning how to setup your own account then just do it. It’s not rocket science. Once you know what you’re doing then you can hire someone, train that person, and have them take over some of the busy work so you can work on other areas of your business.


Seller University
Doesn’t cost anything but your time to educate yourself.


Spend three full days doing nothing but reading and re-reading every Amazon help file you can find, even if you think it doesn’t apply to you. Go through Seller University, too. Then if you have specific questions (and you will) come here and ask.

That is hands down the best way to get started selling. There is no VA that could ever teach you all the nuances and rules of selling on Amazon.