Is there a report that shows USPS delivery confirmations when using Amazon Buy Shipping?


Did a forum search, didn’t find the answer.

I am FBM, individual seller, using USPS shipping via Amazon Buy Shipping. I know Amazon tracks the completion of deliveries as they use it to release funds.

Is there any place sellers can view this data for their pending and delivered products, all in one place? I don’t want to have to go one by one through my shipped orders.

I’ve only had one customer back in May ask for a refund on an item still showing as stuck in the NJ distribution center. Like others posting, I have concerns about the USPS shutdown and reversal shenanigans, and am wondering if I should just go on vacation mode this holiday season. Would really like to be able to get some data so that I can see any trends building.

Thanks if any one knows how to extract this report somewhere.


That’s what you have to do unless you use an offsite program to keep track of everything

There is no consolidated delivery report on amazon


Or leverage API queries with an in-house/home-brewed solution… :wink:


You are using Amazon’s Buy Shipping. No need to babysit your orders. If there is an issue, your buyer will let you know.


Thank you!


Ow, you hurt my brain. (non programmer type here)