Is there a good mobile app for sellers?


I’ve been using SellerMobile, but my trial expired and they want me to pay for it now. I probably will, but first want to see if anyone knows of a better one? I’m willing to try any of them. Thanks




I can give an absolute answer of no. I’ve searched since beginning here and have been unsuccessful in locating one. A developer would surely make a great deal in creating one, There sure is a market for it.


Hey there RockChromatic,

At this time there is not an Official Amazon Seller Central App. However we are always looking for ways to improve our sellers experience. Any updates on improvements we make to aid sellers will be announced through Seller Central.



actually, I did not want to pay anything too.

But nothing was available, so I just went ahead and made one.

What bothered me the most other than the monthly fee was the fact that all my data has to go through SellerMobile server. WHY?

Amazon is my livelihood. I do not want my transactions to go through someone else’s server.

So, unlike SellerMobile, it does not go through a third-party server, it does not charge monthly fee, or server ads. After 15% fee from Amazon, plus additional FBA and credit card fees, I really do not want to pay something else. So, it is free to me and free to everyone else as well :slight_smile:

I developed it for myself, but I think others would benefit from it as well. Plus, the more feedback I get from other users, the better application it can become, And better it becomes, the more convenient it is for me :slight_smile:

It is still in beta, so go easy on me please!

And if someone can help me with improving it, please just drop me a line! I am slowly learning how to program better and better everyday, but I sure can use some advice on what other features we might need!!!


Hi RockChromatic,

Can you let us know what features you’d like to see in SellerMobile, besides the obvious necessity of an Android version?



@RockChromatic are you still using Seller Mobile, now that Amazon released the Seller app?

I guess all the order/inventory management stuff is still missing from the Amazon app so they are steps behind. We are considering Seller Mobile…so penny for your thoughts.


hi there yes still using seller mobile works for me but i just need to see the sale item, and the shipping address it’s my way of double checking before packing. $5/mo i think. but i didn’t know amazon had an app now too thanks i’ll check it out! i’m always interested in trading secrets on how to get stores more traffic, esp as i only get 50 views/day. email me if you like thanks


So you do the fulfillment on your own…You do not use FBA? Using FBA opens you up for prime customers and that could/should help lift your glance views.


No I haven’t dug into that, but yes I should try that. Whats the best way to go about it? Just contact amazon direct and then you have to send a min amount of prints or something? Just wasn’t sure what was required, and what all I would need to ship to them. thanks!


There are some good youtube videos for it. But basically all your listed items in Seller Central can be asked to be fulfilled by Amazon. There is a 5-6 step workflow inside Seller Central that guides you on the process to plan, prep, label, and get the items ready to be shipped to Amazon. Plenty of info on their help pages.


Okay great thanks I will look into this!

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