Is Liability Insurance required if you are just a Reseller or if you are the manufacturer?


They made the insurance rules quite clear.

At this point you are posting just to be combative


Do you have any business experience at all?
Are you even a company?[/quote]

Yes to both. Quite successful selling on amazon (and elsewhere) for many years.
Now unless something to contribute to this topic, please refrain form further outbursts.

It would appear that to most people, the rules are quite clear. The fact that they don’t say what you wish they said doesn’t matter.[/quote]

And yet Seller Support cannot even decide what they say. Please feel free to educate us, so we can educate SS.

They made the insurance rules quite clear.
At this point you are posting just to be combative[/quote]

If they are clear, then you should have no problem explaining them. So let’s dispense with the ad hominem and discuss the actual issue, shall we?

Is the three months prior to September 1 the sum of three months, or >$10k for each of the three months?


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This is directly from the email…

Why did I receive this message?
You are required to provide proof of liability insurance, and our records show you have not done so. As of September 1, 2021, Section 9 of the Business Solutions Agreement ( requires you to obtain and maintain at least $1 million of commercial general, umbrella, or excess liability insurance, within 30 days after exceeding $10,000 in gross proceeds in sales in one month on or if otherwise requested by Amazon.

Its pretty clear. If you received the email they require you to have the insurance.


[quote=“Tandi, post:60, topic:916897”]
If you received the email they require you to have the insurance.[/quote]

That is a reasonable assumption, but it is not what Amazon stated in the policy or in the email. And in fact, it is not supported by statements from Seller Support.


Amazon explained here.
Please stop pestering other commenters.

It says “reach $10k in sales for 3 consecutive months,” meaning in each of 3 consecutive months, $10k in sales was achieved.

(It would say “reach a total of $10k in 3 consecutive months” if it meant a rolling 3-month sales total of $10k+.)


What part of:

is unclear to you?

Since this is unclear, you should stop, and get one of your staff lawyers to explain it to you. They are experts in understanding things like this.


:thinking: @426974654D7942757474, please clarify what is ambiguous about this statement.


I concur. But Amazon support does not. They have stated.

“we have found that the gross proceeds during the period between June 1, 2021 and August 1, 2021, the gross sales proceed is {value $>10k}”

They clearly think it is the SUM of all three months.


:woman_shrugging: That one rep is misinformed, as usual.
Never rely on Seller Support for policy interpretation.


@426974654D7942757474, Canada and Mexico are still under the old insurance policy. The “each” of 3 consecutive months is clarified in the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement, as well as the “if requested” option.


Unfortunately, that is the only avenue we have for clarification. Mods here have been silent on the issue.


:grin: Nope! See my post above:


To be clear, this is your opinion, certainly not fact.


I’m sorry, you are very mistake, there was a whole thread with Q and A’s that @Seamod went and got official answers to. They have been far from silent.


Thanks, but does the email supercede that? And are there exceptions being granted?


No. I mean go ahead and ask seller support for an exemption.


Thx. I searched but did not find it. link?


:woman_shrugging: The email is consistent with written policy.

Exceptions to what, for whom, by whom? :confused:

For clarity on consequences if proof of insurance is not provided as needed/requested, please see my linked post below: