Is anyones FBA inventroy being shipped?


Hey guys and gals
Obviously with whats going on I know Amazon’s priority is to ship out
“essential” items…But out of the XXX pending orders I have, maybe 10 of them have been shipped over the last week or so. Anyone else experiencing this?

Good luck and stay safe all!

Just a quick question on pending status
Prime orders with available inventory aren't shipping, anybody else experiencing this?

Some orders are shipping, but most have long wait times. I have 60 pending FBA orders over 6 days. Maybe ten other orders have been shipped. It has been this way for about two weeks for me and so far all orders have eventually shipped.

Also, some pending orders are because Amazon is telling people they can pre-order my items that are not available but will be in stock in 5-15 days.

All my items are in the essentials group if that matters.


Ooooo ok well that def makes a big difference…My items are most certainly not “essential”. Appreciate the input!


My books are being shipped very slowly. If I get more that 2 shipments a day, I feel lucky. I sent the following to friends and family -


For those who shop on Amazon - Amazon has notified third-party sellers that it will only continue stocking essential items in its warehouses until April 5, due to demand generated by concerns over the coronavirus. What does this mean if you are placing a “normal” order? If you use your prime account and order “prime” goods (FBA) and shipping, chances are your order will be delayed. This is especially true if you order from 3rd party sellers. If you want your products quickly - don’t use prime. Order from a 3rd party seller where you can see the state your item is coming from. Make sure they have a high approval rating (95% or above). These sellers - like me - are still shipping daily. We can’t get our products to Amazon so we are depending on those non-prime orders from buyers.



I’m glad its not just me! haha :yum:


i sell mostly toys and entertainment media…my items seem to be shipping in about 2 days…seems normal to me. But on the other hand, my sales have died.


Ours appears to be shipping as normal. Though sales are down 50% out of the warehouse.

That said, we do not sell items that people wait in line for. Plus many of our items are related to being social. Not exactly popular with “Social Distancing” in vogue.


Holy Cow! All of the FBA items I have looked at on itself say “Arrives Thu, Apr 30” and the “Fastest Delivery” option says Tue, Apr 21. I guess Amazon is trying to avoid over-promising and under-delivering. So far in my case, they are under-promising and over-delivering. I sell mostly in the toys and games category and so far most of my FBA orders have shipped within 3 to 4 days.


They seems to be taking a few extra days to ship our FBA items. For the first week, it seemed like nothing was moving. Now they are coming in at the normal rate, just the customer is waiting longer.


Same with me. And my listings have been marked “This item may take longer to ship”, so rather than sending everything to FBA, I keep half of my stock behind for FBM.


The same issue with me since today. I already have one order but lets see how long it would take to be shipped. But the delivery dates sure puts lots of buyers away from our offers…


Yeah same here


Yeah, same with me! Even though my inventory is all in stock, delivery times are all about a month out…


Since I created this thread, 2 orders have shipped out of roughly 100 pending :thinking:


I am showing Amazon as being about 4 days behind. Amazon is deliberately trying to disincentivize people from purchasing to slow them down. They will lower the delivery time on those items when they can get to it. I’m curious if amazon is legally allowed to essentially cease fulfillment for everyone’s products and stores by artificially changing the delivery times. This just closed so many stores people have.


I have 55 orders for $129 in the FBA queue and have idea when they’ll ship to customers. They seem to be shipping a few a day and that’s about it