IRS Form 1099-K is now available for download in the Tax Document Library


yes it is… Amazon Can Provide anything it wants. And used to provide this to All Sellers. The IRS and the 1099K Reporting is beyond that. Amazon Shoudl go back to the First system they used before the 1099k that works for Everyone ( that included a 1099k) that needs the Data. We do Pay Amazon For this Service.


@Online_Sales Amazon provides all the info you need. I do not know if my accountant even looks at the 1099Ks.

We update with every payment from Amazon. The statement for that payment.

You pay Amazon a commission for selling on their platform. You do not pay them to do your accounting.


Hey is there any way to create a report showing what I spent in shipping for the year since I offer free shipping and therefore I have to write it off as an expense? Thank you everyone!


You can get the numbers you need by downloading a date-range report. Set the date range from Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2019 and select the “transactions” option.

  • From the excel file thus generated, do an autosum function on all the columns to get their totals.

  • The totals for “product sales”, “gift-wrap credits” and “shipping credits” is your Amazon income. The sum of the “total” column will give you the part of your earnings that was still in reserve by Dec 31. Deduct this amount from your income because, technically, you did not receive those funds in 2019. The remaining amount will be your taxable income from Amazon.

  • Calculate your Amazon-related expenses by summing the totals of columns that record shipping label costs, selling fees, subscription fees, fba fees etc, as applicable. Note that, apart from the selling fees, the other costs mentioned here are all jumbled up in the “other” (2nd to the last) column. That column also includes payments made to your bank account. You can extract the respective amounts using a SUMIF function.

  • Check that your final number (income minus reserve minus expenses) matches the total 2019 payments Amazon made to your bank account

For <200 transactions, it should not be too complex an exercise to accurately complete in Excel. Hope this helps.


Same here, exceeded both thresholds, got an email saying 1099k form is available for download, but its missing in tax library.

Tried going to the website and of course, its down.

“We are experiencing technical difficulties retrieving your forms. Please try again later.”

Contact Us link is down too.


I take that back, found the form!

The 1099k list is NOT sorted by year. By default, I just looked at the very last row and saw it was 2018. But then realized the years are out of order.


Never heard of

Not sure why if you received the email it is not available for download. I would suggest opening a case.


That is correct and the order listed doesn’t even stay the same (for whatever reason).

JWS: I believe it was listed on one of the help pages for 1099k. It may not be any longer, I had it bookmarked.


Wrong, WE pay Amazon For Services Render on the Site. including the Correct accounting of Information they are required to provide by law. Regardless of levels of Sales… Stop Shrewing for Amazon … We are trying to make the Platform better for everyone that uses it.


Yes, Via Excell, and you can also see that on your Monthly Statements. But you have to go collect them all. Its best to setup Reports for Every Month at the end of Each month. So your not trying to get them all at the end of the year.


@Online_Sales it looks like you been here for about 8 years. I do not recall Amazon ever offering accounting services. But maybe I missed it by a year or two.


Sorry you are incorrect WE have been on the system since Day one… This is the 3rd incarnation of the Seller Forum. We stared selling on Amazon in Late 2002.

Also Why do you keep saying Accounting Services… ?
Providing the Reports for the Sales Transactions in a clear and easy to get a hold of manner is not Accounting services and you know that.

For some reason you are trying to start a fight where there is none. Amazon Simply needs to run the 1099k for all sellers on Amazon… Today with the Tech they are now using they have no reason not to. It just makes good Business Sense and offers better options to us the customer.

They also used to proved us with a year end statement that has been replaced by the 1099k years ago. That Statement is all most sellers needed.


Its not all that helpful though, you can just run a sales report to get your grand total gross sales, the 1099 and Amazon don’t know your actual cost of sales or profit, which are the more important components for taxes anyway, so either way you have to do some work for filing the taxes and just having a 1099 is kind of useless.


Great info! Thanks for posting.

Would you happen to know how to run a report that shows where your customers for the quarter are located? For tax purposes, of course…


@a2ispjjsvgv9nz, go to the “Sales tax reports” section in the Tax Document Library.


Will someone please tell me if Amazon paid me the sales tax they show on the 1099K form? They collected over $2,000 according to my 1099K, but my monthly reports don’t show any sales tax coming to me. I don’t know how to do this on my taxes, and I’ve spent over 2 hours looking and reading in seller help for the answer. I did download my tax report, and it only showed on transaction! No help at all. I’m so confused and discouraged. If someone could just point me the right direction. . .


I edited my social to an ein Midway through the year. Apparently each entry was counted separately. As such neither entry generated enough revenue individually to require a 1099 even though overall I did.


@dbynums72 The 1099k shows all $ the buyers were charged. You should see the sales tax come and go unless you are in a state that you needed to file for.