IRS Form 1099-K is now available for download in the Tax Document Library


IRS Form 1099-K is now available in the Tax Document Library for US taxpayers who:

  • generated over $20,000 in Unadjusted Gross Sales and 200 or more transactions in 2019, and/or
  • are residents of Massachusetts or Vermont and generated over $600 in Unadjusted Gross Sales in 2019.

You will receive a notice to your primary email address if an IRS Form 1099-K is generated for your account.

If you are non-US taxpayer or do not meet these reporting thresholds, you will not receive an IRS Form 1099-K.

For more information on IRS Form 1099-K click here.


I did exceed those thresholds, but I do not see a 1099-K document in my tax document library


Me too, I don’t see the Form 1099-K at all. Does it take more time to generate ?


Mine is not there either, where can I check to see if I signed up for E-delivery?


You must have had 200+ sales AND $20k or more. It is not one or the other. If you did not agree to e-delivery when you went through setting up, you would receive it in the mail.


Run them for Everyone please… Also you made a change thats seems odd the 200 and the $20,000 it used to be one or the other!.. Regardless just run them for all sellers… We know you have the Ability to do so… Stop be so Cheep Amazon


I have some criticism for how you accounted for invoiced orders. When running date range reports, we run one for standard orders and one for invoiced orders and then merge the 2. We do this on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. This gives us a monthly 1099k equivalent number. However, with invoiced orders, for the purposes of monthly 1099k detailing, you’ve chosen to count the sales in the month the order was placed, not the month in which the payment was received. This causes a shift in sales, taxes, credit, etc for a high percentage of invoiced orders from one month to another on the 1099K. We’re trying to figure out how to create a date range report, with matching numbers for the purpose of having a check figure, without having to manually move all of the invoiced orders.

We notice also that this can create an end of year revenue recognition issue. Our 1099K is higher by the total of 1 order placed in December 2019, but that we will not get payment for until 2020. This is the opposite of how standard orders are treated, suggesting that this is in effect, a short-term loan program that Amazon facilitates. This would explain why you count the sale in the month the order is placed. We assume it’s essentially handled as Amazon has paid for the item and loaned that amount to the buyer free of charge for X days, so there was a resulting payment transaction on the date of the order, despite the fact that the seller does not get paid for X weeks.

It would be exceedingly helpful to sellers if you could provide them with some guidance for how to handle these outlier items. If there is a way to run the reports that helps create check figures that match the 1099K reported figures, we’d love the detail on how to do so.

From my perspective, if it were an option, I would eliminate invoiced orders. It represents an incredibly small percentage of our sales, and creates accounting headaches galore. Whenever I cannot figure out why figures don’t match, I look at invoiced orders and prepare to make manual adjustments.


I did hit both those thresholds, I just went back through the tax interview and saw the electronic delivery option, which apparently I did check so now I’m even more confused. I will have to call support at some point in the next week to see what’s going on. I just don’t want to file my taxes and then have the totals from Amazon not match what I have on paper from my own tracking. I already have my numbers together but don’t like filing before having all my tax documents.


We hit the over $600 dollar threshold and the residency threshold but not the 20k threshold. Wording Is confusing so is it necessary for us?


If you are in Massachusetts or Vermont it appears there is only $600 and you will get one.


same here, any update on this?


Why wouldnt you simply run the app and supp,ly everyone with their tax numbers, this seems a little underhanded to me, just be straight up its not like you dont have the resources to buy the world with the mineral rights. This company will beworth trillions before Im done typing this so why is it always big companies are so shady. Youve been blessed so help others. Do we not have to report the 30% that we get for working for… I mean being Amazon sellers? Of course we do so help us out Big AMAZON dont be difficult, be easy.


Sorry @brian_thomas_books but Amazon does what is required by law. If you do not meet the thresholds as required by law they do not report. I do not understand your worry. I am sure you are going to report your income. Not because a company was required to report it. This is not like a w2 where a business withheld parts of your income. Income taxes, unemployment taxes, FICA etc.


So , you’re saying Amazon doesn’t report our tax information unless we meet BOTH the 200 transactions AND have at least $20,000 in sales? I’m not afraid or worried about anything I just like things to be fair and simplified, especially when I’m a loyal employee/seller/customer. I think we should receive the information if we want/need it , especially if we have a “pro” account. Whether we sell $2000 in books or $17000 in adult diapers we should get the same “pro” information & communication as someone making millions selling 5G spatula’s that take selfies and transfer the image onto the pancakes they flip(patent pending :nerd_face:)



Don’t know if this will be helpful or not, but might be worth a try:

Log in to
There are options there for the following:

Take Tax Interview
Go paperless for Year-End Tax Forms
Find Year-End Tax Forms
Contact Us

I used the contact option a few years back and received exactly the info I was looking for. The support didn’t seem to have been outsourced at that time. Whether that would be the case now, I have no idea.


This is based upon federal tax regulations. it has been $20,000 AND 200 for as long as I can remember.


@brian_thomas_books This is not about Amazon deciding to provide the info. It is US law and an IRS requirement. None of it is needed to do your books/taxes. You should already have all of that information.


so, i did not meet the requirements, how would i go about filing my taxes now?


sorry incorrect. the 20k yes but not the 200. IE they used to make a 1099k if you had 200 or more regardless of the $. and they shoudl go back to this. They already have the system in place and it just makes better Tax accounting in the end.


same way. they are not filing your Taxes… they are just reporting your income to the IRS and you. You still file your Taxes.