IP Complaint from EVAXO – fraud/scam?


I agree. At the very least this crew needs to be sued.


Copyright, IP and Amazon TOS violation would all accomplished with the use of an image in this way.


I thank every one for insightful contribution to this thread.

On 6/22/2022, I made appeal on this issue from my Product Policy Compliance dashboard and my appeal was denied instantly by Amazon bot.

On 6/23, from the Help/Get Support rout, I tried a few times in different ways to report the policy violation/abuse by Evaxo, I was finally able to get a help ticket created. But the report was denied in a few minutes and my ticket was closed automatically.

On 6/24, I made a phone call to Amazon, and talked to a guy back and forth for about 40 minutes. He promised to investigate.

On 7/2, I posted this thread in the Forums.

On 7/4, I received email from Amazon, saying “We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your listing at this time. To reactivate your listing, please provide any one of the below documents for proving authenticity of your listings:….”

It is essentially the same thing as the initial notice: I am asked again invoice, authorization letter from the brand owner, and/or retraction of infringement report……

It is simply brutal to the seller community to allow a dead email address be used to report brand infringement.


Quality Gourmet, Promax, Expect More (AKA EVAXO), American Healthy are all operating out of Tampa FL, 3 are at the same business address and one is the home address, all accounts are selling the same products, so wouldn’t that in itself be a violation?

On most of the listing Promax has 3 or more offers?

The company Expect More is actually Evaxo, which is highly suspicious that all these well known Brands are now showing Evaxo as the Brand. There are multiple accounts at the same address offering these Evaxo Brands and on most of the hundreds of listings which have now been changed they are the only sellers showing on the listings. Most likely all the other sellers have been kicked off due to IP complaints that were filed, just like what happened to the OP.

Promax has 4 offers on this listing and of course all the sellers (the only sellers) are all at the same address AKA the same seller.

It’s amazing to me that this type of dishonest tactics at this magnitude from what appears to be a single seller can go unnoticed, and on top of that Amazon is allowing violations to be filed against other sellers without even checking.


Come on cooperate. We all know that you do not care for individual sellers. Most of us are just a speck of dust of you.

But this ongoing hijackings is embarrassing. It will be bad PR when a journalist decides that this is a good story. That you become such a monstrous creature that you lost control.

There are sadly bigger ongoing news. Wars. Famine. Droughts. Here in country there are mass shootings almost bi-weekly.

What will you do when it will be a break in bad news. They this story will be big enough.

A Plea to The Mods - Brand Hijackers

I think the action, or in action, in this case will be very telling. I’m likely alone in feeling this way, but this may be drifting into the “moral dilemma” space.

At bottom, this crew co-opted listings and then had a bunch of other sellers kicked off of those listings, possibly with accounts shutdown. They are all stressing about reinstatement, funds held, etc. right now. Some may never see money from their sales.

The dilemma comes in the form of our business paying for this to happen: with every sale we make, advert we purchase, fee we pay. It’s as though we are funding the screwing over of other sellers. And then, it’s been a long weekend. Perhaps I’m just tired…


Unfortunately, the due diligence of Seller Support (for what that is worth) is missing for those using inventory management software that seems to have superuser authority in making updates to the catalog.

Amazon’s MWS API is trusted where spreadsheet uploads and updates with Manage Products prevents them.

This has been happening for years, but never seems to get corrected.


Interestingly enough, today it looks like one of the listings for a global brand product that we occasionally push inventory updates to Amazon on has been hijacked by a seller/brand with no actual listed inventory of this product.

We only sell a small handful of items that are not our brand and only in cases where they compliment something else that we sell. So if we decide later today to pull all of these from AZ it won’t be a big deal, but it’s ridiculous that it has come to that being a decision that we may take today. SMH.


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Well this is good. It means that someone from Amazon has seen all of this. That’s a start.


Hello @horserider,

Desi from Amazon here to assist.

Thank you for updating us with this information we have contacted the appropriate team about your situation. Someone will be getting in contact with you to go over the issue.

Please make sure your contact information is accurate in your seller central account settings. You can update your contact information in your notification preferences and seller account information if needed.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. We are looking forward to assisting you.




Thank you @Desi_Amazon,
I really appreciate your helping. That is really great!
My contact information is all current.
Just in case you may need, my earlier Help ticket # ID10281353251 (A phone call to Amazon I made on Jun 24, 2022 10:07 AM) and another ticket ID10279256571 for abuse report I filed on June 23, 2022.


It seems that they also have another seller account: “Promax Life” (because AZ is case-sensitive, it’s a different store than PROMAX LIFE).

The AZ listed business is PROMAX LIFE FORCE, which is actually PROMAX LIFE FORCE INC, with the same common connection as all of the others. This one uses the brand BeeQ.

There may also be a topicals version of this too, with yet another “brand.”


Thank you for reporting on this, I didn’t see your post and we are both experiencing the same exact thing at the same time. I guess Evaxo decided to start eliminating competition as we received a counterfeit violation on the same day you did. Just curious, it has been 3 weeks for us now and I have lost all buy box eligibility thanks to these false claims. Could you provide any updates to your situation? Believe me when I say, I understand the nightmare you have gone through to get this guy reported and have our listings reinstated.


Have either of you considered posting the screen shots of these big brand items on Twitter and tagging the brands they’ve “hijacked”? I’m pretty sure CocaCola and the Bayer Corporation would see this in the serious light it should be viewed. There’s also a pretty decent FB group called ASGTG who also seems to get a fair amount engagement.


Amazon needs to be much more nimble shutting down these hijackers/manipulators - please start treating this manipulation along with lines of a state sponsored attack. Shutting down long standing sellers will NOT solve Amazon’s problems in this regard - but in general is one path their processes lead them to in a “shoot the messenger” kind of approach. After all, there must be a reason that sellers XYZ got targetted, right? So shut down those sellers, all problems solved? :thinking:… Wrong…


I don’t have enough energy to fight these massive abuses if Amazon does not act.
My only concern now is that my FBA inventory of about $4k is at risk of being destroyed by Amazon. I don’t see how to get it back, as Amazon demands me for the invoice and authorization letter from the brand owner who accused me of IP violation. Nothing seems going on other than that.
It is strange that Amazon does not act, or is extremely slow to act. I really don’t feel anything going on at all.


Has anyone reported him (Mohamed) to the state of Florida, where his LLC is?