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I’ve been a seller on Amazon for 13 years, and I recently sold an item that amazon did not pay me for. They are telling me that this is an “invoiced order”. Can anybody explain this to me? What exactly does this mean? Do I have to wait for this buyer to pay Amazon before they will pay me? I have never had trouble getting paid for my sales before.


They will pay you for it when the buyer pays their invoice.

When will I receive my payment for Pay by Invoice orders?

Amazon will credit the available balance of sellers’ Selling on Amazon account when payment for the Invoice is received from the customer. This may occur around the due date or even before due date.

However, in case of late payments, Amazon will assume the risk and credit the available balance of the sellers’ Selling on Amazon account on the 7th day past the due date if the customer has not paid by that time.

If you wish to be paid early for invoiced orders you may change your invoiced order payment settings and your payment will be credited to the available balance of your Selling on Amazon account immediately after shipment by paying a 1.5% processing charge. The payment for invoiced orders is guaranteed even when a buyer is late or defaults on payment. This new invoiced order payment process will be launched after June 30, 2018, although it may take longer to receive your first invoiced order due to the limited number of Amazon Business buyers qualified for Pay by Invoice.


Thank you for replying. I’ve never had this happen before. They did charge me for the shipping I purchased, but they didn’t pay me for the merchandise I shipped. Makes no sense. We should be paid when the service is rendered. I don’t recall being notified of this type of transaction. I don’t like it. OK…I’m done griping. Thanks for your feedback.


Wow! Thanks for all the info. This makes me feel a bit better. Things keep changing faster than I can keep up.


These don’t happen very often, and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

This sale is one you may not have received without this program.

In my experience, business buyers tend to be more problem-free. Yeah, you may have to wait a few weeks to get paid but, if you look at it, on the bright side, as a sale you may not have otherwise made, it is nice when the disbursement comes through. BTW, it will be a separate disbursement, probably on a different day, than your regular schedule.

This program started quite some time ago, but like I said, the transactions don’t happen that often. I get maybe 2 invoiced orders per thousand regular orders.

All the info: Pay-by-invoice

Here’s where to see the details of the transaction(s):


Look under “open invoices” to see when the payment is due.


Also, invoiced orders won’t show up together with your other amounts in the date range reports. You have to run separate reports for regular and invoiced.

I’ve had 1 invoiced order since this started and it was nearly 2 years ago. Drove me crazy tracking down the ‘discrepancy’ when working on 2018 taxes. A true ‘DUH’ moment hour.