Inventory was shipped under CANCELLED shipment ID; supplier did not update BOL of active shipment ID(products were all the same/unit count was only difference


Hi there about a month ago i bought inventory from my usual supplier and they made a mistake on the shipping and shipped under the wrong Shipment ID with a different shipment ID of mine of the same products.

I’m new to selling FBA here is what happened. I place an order and submit payment of 2000+ units they say they have available; i then create a shipping plan under Shipment ID 1 and send over all labels needed to complete the transaction and shipping process. They get back to me saying they are refunding partial of my money as they only have 600 units available and recommend i create a new shipping plan/ID and delete the 1st one. I follow their instructions and create Shipment ID 2 and send over new labels, transaction and new labels completed.

After 2 weeks of looking on my sellers account i notice that my FBA shipment for that inventory is remained on “inbound”. I make a call to the carrier and asked for an update on my shipment and they inform me that the shipment was cancelled. I informed them of the mistake of it not being cancelled and explain the product reduction with new shipment ID and they agreed to pick it up the next day.

I get a reply back the following day from my supplier that my shipment has been picked up…as a week goes by i still notice “inbound” under my shipment ID 2. so i call again and the freight company says they have delivered the Items…but was only able to lookup my account based on the PRO number/shipping info of the 1st shipment ID i cancelled, as they were unable to find any shipments with my shipment ID 2 info–Due to my inventory being shipped on a cancelled shipment ID im unable to reconcile any inventory of mine

Its been over a month since my inventory has been delivered to amazon and im a little lost of what i can do. amazon support has already been contacted so im wondering how long does it take amazon to notice the discrepancy and be able to update my account. as well as any tips if this has happened to any one else.


I haven’t actually done this before, but here is what I would do…

First, pull up the original shipment that was cancelled. (Go to Inventory>Manage FBA Shipments, and click to view Cancelled/Deleted shipments). Click on the gray View Shipment button to the right.

There is a received column at the far right. Just check to see if they have received any under this shipment ID. You can scroll to the bottom to see Total shipped and received.

You can try clicking on the Reconcile tab, but it will probably tell you it is ineligible for reconciliation at this time.

So you will then need to request a call from Seller Support and ask to be transferred to someone who can help you with a problem with your FBA shipment. The easiest thing to do would probably be for them to make that Shipment ID active again so they can receive against it. It will be counted short, of course, but that may be the cleanest solution.

If your boxes have already been delivered to the warehouse, they are probably sitting in a “holding area” due to the Shipment being cancelled. If so, they will need to send someone to go find your boxes and put them back into the receiving process. Otherwise, they could sit there for months.

Good luck. Come back and let us know how you resolved this situation. It will help the next person with this problem.