Inventory received but not "active" for over 4 months



Some of you would be aware of a fire incident in MEM1 warehouse about 3 month back.

Unfortunately this is the warehouse I was assigned before the fire incident. My inventory was received and still in reserved when the fire happened. It made sense that Amazon took more time than expected to make those units available for sale.

However, upon checking with seller support after some days, I was informed that my units were “quarantined” and the case was forwarded to product compliance team for further action.

3 months after and multiple phone calls and cases with support, I have yet to hear from the product compliance team and the inventory is still in “FC transfer status”.

Checking the daily inventory report tells me that the units have been moved to multiple warehouses in the US and they are not sitting in MEM1 only so it means they are still in some kind of “quarantined” status and therefore, I am unable to sell them.

Strangely enough, out of the 3000+ units I’ve sent, 1 or 2 units are still selling each day even though the “available” inventory in my account never goes above “0”.

Is there anything I can do to resolve this?

Thank you for reading



Three weeks on and still no response from product compliance team.