Inventory Performance Index threshold will change to 450


The irony, I was at 450 for months, last week I drop to 449…
Seems a little fishy…


I just came here to see how many people are crying about them RELAXING the IPI requirement…


Hope they remove restock limits soon. Nov and Dec are my slowest months but normally starting dec 26 my sales take off.


Hi E E, I had storage limits for Q4 because we were below 500 when they made the last change. My score was above 470 in WK 51, and now my Next Period Storage Limit shows Unlimited.


I am very much concerned about it as well.
My situation is completely opposite: ipi was below 450 on week 51 but above in week 52, and my storage continues to show as unlimited. I wonder whether this decision is final or they update me “later” as they said in the news.
So your “next period storage limit” changed on Monday, correct? Previously it was unlimited? Can you please elaborate.


Hello. Did it change to unlimited exactly on this Monday? @Green_3


Hi there! So did your next period storage limit change? @I_love_pancakes


Hi, I’m not sure. I hadn’t been checking it until I saw the notice.


No, it did not change.


My IPI score was 449 in week 51.
Bu today, in week 52, it is 463. :sob::sob:
I guess my limits will remain in Q1 in 2021.




Hello, our IPI is well above the 600 mark. Does this mean starting Jan 1 the restrictions on stocking will be removed for us?


Nice, we were just about to fall below 500. Praise the lord.


Mine says it will “accept 200 units” but it actually will only take two units. Two!! Do you know why they are giving two different numbers?


Units in pending shipping plans, FC Processing, FC Transfer and active inventory, all add together towards the 200


In fact, there’s is the restock limit AND the storage limit which is the total volume of inventory for each seller. So, let’s say you need to ship 200 of some item, but your storage limit is already full with other items, you have first to free space in your storage limit until you get enough volume to ship the 200 you need. And the storage limit also varies by category, so you might have some amount for apparel, other for standard size products, other for above-average size products. It is complicated and Amazon doesn’t help sellers to understand. Sometimes I believe Amazon’s goal is exactly the opposite of helping small sellers: they are making it so difficult to understand the new system that it is working against us.


The 200 units limit has nothing to do with time. You can keep selling and creating shipments as you get new allowances to restock. It can be everyday if you have the time and money to do so. That was only an example.


With numbers like that, you would think Amazon would look out better for their sellers…


I went from 504 yesterday to 473 today. I have zero products at Amazon warehouse and have not since October. So I’m not sure why I dropped.


This is excellent. But PLEASE address how the IPI effects seasonal sellers.