Inventory Limit 200 Changed on Jan 1st 2021?


Hi Guys,

Is there anyone who has their inventory limits raised from 200 units today? Is there a way to know if there will be an inventory a limit or not prior to creating an SKU?

As per the announcement by Amazon below, new storage volume limits depending on the IPI score are coming into effect.
Inventory Performance Index threshold will change to 450

As the new year approaches, we are lowering the Inventory Performance Index (IPI) threshold to 450 :
** If your IPI is 450 or above in week 51 of 2020, starting January 1, 2021, you will not be subject to storage volume limits.*
If your IPI is below 450 in week 51 of 2020, you will continue to be subject to storage volume limits. We will notify you of your next period limits, which will go into effect on February 1, 2021.



I am still capped at 200 units despite having a 695. Hope this gets resolved quickly, as we’ve done quite a bit of prep work under the expectation of being able to send more inventory in early January.


There is a difference between Storage Volume Limits (the total space your inventory takes up) and ASIN Limits (the number of any one item you sell). From what I recall reading, the limit per ASIN is not affected by the new IPI limit.

I believe that any new SKU will have a limit on the number of units you can send in.


Yes, That is my understanding too. There are still going to be ASIN or SKU level limits.


Thanks for the insight. I see it mentioned in the last sentence in the correspondance now…missed it initially. I think a ton of sellers are confused by this…how can you have unlimited storage space yet aren’t allowed to send in the quantities you need?

In other words, what’s really changed here? I’m still don’t really get it. I can’t do anything any differently than I was before.


Thanks for the clarification. I am a newbie. As I saw this announcement, I was hoping I could send more than 200 units of a new product that I want to launch soon. I was keeping the manufacturer wait and wanting to see how many units I’ll be allowed to ship to Amazon warehouses. In this case, how can I find out my inventory limit for a new ASIN/SKU I’ll create. Is there a way to check this out before creating a listing?


If you have only a single SKU, or just a couple, then it probably makes no difference to you. But for the seller with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of SKUs, they can now fill up their space, as long as they don’t exceed the number of units allowed per SKU.


AFAIK (and as a bookseller, I’m not affected by ASIN limits, so others may be paying closer attention), there is a 200 unit limit for any new item. The limit will adjust upward once there is a sales record established.

And frankly, unless you really know how your item will sell, you probably don’t want to be shipping in more than 200 items anyway; in some cases, even that may be overdoing it.


@Cicek Nothing has changed about ASIN limits. You will be limited to the normal 200 for a new, unsold ASIN until it has a history.


My “maximum inventory level allowed” was increased radically on 12/30/20. Prior to the 30th I was severely limited to way less than a 30 day supply. I’m now able to send in many more units - in some cases upping my “days of supply” on high volume ASINs to around 45 days. I jumped at the opportunity and maxed out many of my SKUs hoping to get ahead of the FBA inbound tsunami. Products with low sales volume are still at 200 units. So YES, I’ve seen a big change.


I got it now. Thanks all.