Inventory checked in under wrong shipment ID somehow


I don’t even know how this happens but I wanted to see if anyone had the same issue. I have 2 shipping plans for the same ASIN, one of 400 units and the other 600 units. 400 unit shipping plan created 5/4 and all units delivered on 5/11. Most were checked in except about 20-40 units. I created the 600 unit shipping plan on 5/20 and it was shipped via sea 2 days ago (so no way the wrong labels were applied or that those units are there yet). Somehow Amazon is checking in the last 20 or so units under the new shipment ID and I’m not sure how that’s possible. I can fast forward to this being another inventory reconciliation debacle - has this happened to anyone? I reached out to the awesome seller support team and of course got a precanned “its your fault probably and wait till inventory reconciliation is available” response. Trying to see if there’s anything they can do before then so I don’t get 2 shipments flagged incorrectly for issues.


Amazon didn’t check in 52 units from my last unit. So when they found them during reconciliation instead of adding them to that shipment they added them to a shipment from a year ago. No idea why they did it that way.


This happens to me occasionally when I have two shipments inbound simultaneously. I would not worry about it – it will straighten itself out when both shipments are fully received. You can check the overall status and count in your Received Inventory report.


Thank you (and ABQ) for your responses, that’s reassuring. I of course was silly enough to respond to seller support and got a second, precanned nonsensical answer from them. I’ll just track the overall units and prepare for the worst.