Inventory Being "Stolen" From My Account After Receiving


If I was trying to decide which items to send to FBA, one important variable is the value of the item. High value items like the $2800 are very rarely appropriate for FBA. Amazon tells you upfront, that they are not going to check returns for internal damage, switcheroos, incorrect repackaging, etc. Since the incidence of these behaviors increases dramatically with the increase in value, FBA is rarely appropriate for high value items.

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A few things…since we are talking about two different topics.

1 - I would NEVER send a one-of-a-kind, rare item to FBA. There are too many risk factors, the biggest of which would be consumer fraud, damage in handling or shipping, etc. Especially one with a high dollar value like $2800. It’s just not appropriate for FBA. No one spending three thousand dollars on something really needs free two-day shipping.

2 - The missing inventory…

I have never once considering employee theft of my items, and I truly think that has nothing to do with it. We ship to many different fulfillment centers and have not found this to be an issue that’s warehouse-specific. 95% of what we send in is bulk quantities, so that may have something to do with it.

This is more of a procedural issue. From what I understand, the warehouse employees have a function they can use to “reverse” a mis-scan. Let’s say you send in 12 of something, and they accident scan in 13. They can immediately un-scan that item, and mark it as “correction for inbound shipment receiving discrepancy”. That’s the adjustment being used days later.

I suspect employees are using that adjustment when they simply can’t find the items that were scanned in originally. The adjustment is being used in error, and thus far, Amazon hasn’t figured out a way to get warehouse employees to comply.

In all fairness…Amazon has reimbursed me EVERY SINGLE TIME I contested missing inventory. My gripe was with the lack of notification that it was happening.

Furthermore, I have had items go missing that later show up as “Sold and Shipped by Amazon”. Due to our close relationship with the manufacturer, I know for a fact that Amazon is not buying these items directly. This is solid proof that Amazon is “stealing” my inventory. Is it intentional? I truly don’t know, but I doubt it. I think, quite simply, they are finding inventory in the warehouse that does not belong to anyone (previously I had been reimbursed), so they just decide to sell it themselves.

Yes, this makes inventory management a nightmare, and almost impossible to track. But that’s not going to prevent me from continuing to use FBA.

(Note: This is not a fix, but rather a method of preventing loss!!!)
We are using the “Received Inventory” report to help mitigate the losses (found under Reports, Fulfillment, Inventory). We run the report once monthly, sort by QTY received, delete all the items that are received as positive numbers, then go through any negative received numbers one by one. Some of these are legitimate adjustments, but many are unjust removals that must be fought and reimbursed individually.



Thanks, that’s really helpful :confused:

As long as they reimburse you for missing product they sell, I’d be OK with it.

So… before you discovered this, did they ever sell and ship missing product they seemed to have no plan to reimburse you for?


I’ve also had similar issue with receiving discrepancies. Sometimes they credit me with more units than I shipped. I’ve started photographing the boxes as they’re being packed.

I think a class-action lawsuit is an inevitability if they can’t fix the receiving issues. I’m not leading the charge, just reading the handwriting on the wall.


Sure Thing Sales,

You said:
“I have had items go missing that later show up as “Sold and Shipped by Amazon”.”

Were you able to get any information from Amazon when they sold your inventory? Has anyone ever been able to get Amazon to prove the purchased inventory legitimately?

Amazon seems like a haven for illegal fencing of stolen merchandise in general and I was hoping some policy would make verification by a manufacturer possible.

We are dealing with “mystery” inventory showing up as sold by

Hope you can help!



We had a close relationship with this manufacturer. I had inside knowledge of what they sold to Amazon directly and what they did not.

It was too coincidental that our box of 12 went missing, then Amazon started selling the item themselves (with 12 units available).

Furthermore, when Amazon sold through their 12 units, they never purchased more. They had no avenue to buy the product.

All those factors considered, I feel like our claim that they “stole” our inventory was valid.

I highly doubt this is an intentional practice, and most likely the result of a mis-scan. If they simply don’t know who the stock belongs to, what do they do with it? I guess the answer is “sell it ourselves”.



Did you try to get Amazon to account for this inventory? I’m dealing with that now.

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